Welcome to Samma Karuna!

We are an International School of Awakening and mindful community for people who are called to learn to live a happier, more fulfilled life, based on principles of self-development, acceptance and celebration.

What We Do
Our main programs are Awakening & Healing, Yoga Teacher Training, Bio Development Teacher Training and Detox. We also hold festivals, workshops and conscious events. With support from the community and guidance from the staff, each individual develops their own action plan that enables them to discover their true potential and enjoy a more fulfilled life.
Our awakening and healing program that runs throughout the year is designed to support you in your own development. Through deep experiential activities, you will learn the tools to find your own truth and path as a cornerstone for a more happy, vital and fulfilled life.
Some of this activities include Yoga Practice, Active meditations from OSHO, Still & Guided Meditations, Qi Gong, Bio Development (Therapy dance), Dance Meditation, Life Coaching, Mindfulness Practice, Tantra, Awakening classes & Compassionate Sharing.
Learn more about our one month Awakening & Healing ProgramĀ® by clicking here .

What makes us different
We strongly believe that true wisdom comes from your own experience, rather than the experiences of a guru, teacher or ancient text.
Our aim is to help each individual to step out of the collective mind and free themselves to be who they really wish to be.
A place with no prescribed answers, created to support you to find your own truth and reconnect with your inner-wisdom, for a more happy and fulfilled life.
We believe that spiritual teachings have to be understood both experiential and by our rational mind, and that a long-lasting change in our lives comes from the integration of our own personal experience.

Our Workshops


  • You are amazing. The time I have passed was fantastic, I have found a wonderful familiy of love and light. Mayinca, Love always.
  • I feel liberated from many chaings of my past and so much happier person now. Thank you for opening your hearts to me and everyone who comes to Samma Karuna. We keep conected though the universe! Love you! Barbara.
  • Yours classes have opened our eyes to so many things that we want to continue to explorer and develop. We also enjoy meeting and having the peasure to have such dedicated and beautiful teachers. We will think of you and dream of coming back again one day. Big big love, Alex & Liz
    Alex & Liz
  • I fell happy with myself now and its all thanks to Samma Karuna. Love you guys. Keep up the good work. Keep in touch. Love and hugs, Michele
  • I congratulate you on succesfully setting up a quiet haven in which people can learn and awaken themselves in a comfortable meaner with so much love and support. All my love, Serafina
  • After spending 4 weeks volunteering I have found myself again. This place works wonders on the heart & soul. It is a place full of warmth, love & amazing free spirits. I look foward to return to my second home. All my love, hugs & kisses, Lisa
  • Samma karuna changed my consciousness, my awareness. I now I understand that I can really feel love and other emotions in my heart and in my whole body.
  • Thank you Samma Karuna for this wonderfull place, for being so open, gentle and loving every day Big Hug and Big Thank you! Katleen
  • Four weeks have passed in this blessed place, four weeks that changed my life. I felt loved, Samma Karuna became my home, it opened my heart to unconditional loved, settled down my mind and showed me The way to real happiness that is always been inside of me. Love and bliss, Filipo.
  • Thanks for being my family. For all the love and beautiful moments of happiness. Love, Sofi
  • Such a lovely place, great workshops and activities, wonderful people, lovely energy!!! I enjoyed so much volunteering here. Thank you for everything! Love, Michal
  • Special thanks to Ishi and Effie for welcoming us everyday with a big smile and warm hug. Love and Grattitude, Jaspee & Julia  
    Jaspee & Julia 5.3.14
  • I have learned a lot about myself through Wisdom class and angels walk and Im so thankful for helping me to find my way. I will now also hug with an open heart and see more with open eyes & heart. Thank you so much.
  • A place to cocreate and let our dreams become reality. Thank you for existing, Beatrice
    Beatrice 4.5.14
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84/13 Moo 8 Haad Chao Phao, Ko Phangan
Surat Thani, Thailand
Tel : +66 61 762 0723