10 Things you Might Not know before Yoga Teacher Training

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Yoga is considered as an important part of the majority of people’s lifestyle, winning more and more followers.         You can find plenty of information that has been written about yoga, its origins, influences and the popular styles. Whether you’re a student or you’re about to take Yoga Teacher Training, here are 10 things you might not know about yoga.

  1. Yoga does not involve only stretching

          Yoga combines three important things: different positions (called asane), a special technique (focused on breathing) and meditation. Due to the influence and exercise made on your lungs, yoga is a life-extending practice.

  1. If you want to improve your sex life, try yoga

          Many studies have shown that it will provide a boost to your libido. It may even solve certain problems in this area due to its beneficial influence on the entire cardiovascular system. The pelvic muscles are hardened if you keep up with Yoga, which favors more intense orgasms. Convincing?

  1. Benefits of yoga

          Yoga exercises are not only suitable for eliminating stress, they are also beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis. The first thing that you learn in Yoga Teacher Training is that you have to listen to your body and change the difficulty level of the asanas (positions), depending on your own limits.

  1. Yoga is a way to divinity

          Yoga is an important way in which Hindu followers are heading to the divinity or finding their own “I”. The other three ways are: Karma (the actions), Bakthi (devotion) and Jnana (the questions to yourself).

  1. Eight energy centers

          Yoga is based on eight energy centers which are called chakras and human body absorbs energy through them. The purpose of practicing yoga is to purify these energy centers and maintain a positive energy course.

  1. A true source of youth

          An uninterrupted practice may have the power to slow down body aging processes, such as faster oxidation, cell damage or inflammation of the tissues. Over the time, these processes lead to diseases and affections. Studies show that introducing yoga in our lives can only do good, especially if you follow Yoga Teacher Training. And as a bonus, your skin will also gain from this practice.

  1. Nude yoga is a widespread practice

          People practice nude yoga because they think that their asanas have a bigger meaning. At the same time, they learn to love and accept their body. And as a result, they come up building a more confident relationship with people around.

  1. An excellent way to control diabetes

          There are specific asanas and positions that proved to be excellent in fighting this disease.

  1. Yoga Teacher Training is a guaranteed remedy against stress and depression

          One convincing thing to try yoga and even become a teacher is that it will improve your spirit. Asanas like the child position have proved to be very beneficial to the people affected by stress.

  1. Never try it with full stomach

          It can be much more difficult for you to practice different positions if you have a full stomach. Try to eat at least one hour before yoga. If the hunger is too strong, eat a banana 20 minutes before exercising.

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