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Originating from the remote corners of India during the pre-Vedic era, yoga is a spiritual practice that has gained recognition across the globe in the recent years. Known to cure several chronic diseases, yoga is treated as a guide to attaining physical and mental peace. For a human being to live a meaningful life, it is of great significance to understand that an individual is composed of a mind and body dualism. If either of the two is placed under stressful situations, it becomes difficult to live a happy life. It is due to the multiple benefits offered by yoga that it has excessively been adopted by several people. If you are a beginner and are in the search you basic poses (asanas), this list will answer your queries-

  1. Vrikshasana: Often referred to as the tree pose, the vrikshasana is a simple asana that helps the novice learn the art if balancing the body. With one foot placed on the upper portion of the opposite tight and both the arms stretched in the air such that the palms are joined, the asana imitates the stable stance of a growing tree. While standing in vrikshasana, take rhythmic deep breaths. Keep the back straight and stretch to the extent that doesn’t add pressure on the spine. Remember to switch the legs and repeat the same technique.
  1. Kursiasana: To an observer, the pose may seem like an uncomplicated move. However, the chair posture uses the might of the leg and arms, making the muscles strong and firm. Take in a deep breath and bend your body in a manner that replicates the act of sitting on a chair. Simultaneously move your arms upwards and try making your thighs parallel to the ground. Do not apply pressure to the knees. Instead, use the muscle strength if the thighs to hold yourself in the position. Count to ten, and move back to the original standing pose, while slowing exhaling air from the lungs. One can continue breathing when in the chair pose.
  1. Sukhasana: Practiced to direct the energy to the center of the body, Sukhasana begins with sitting cross-legged on the ground. Place the hands on either side of the body, followed by slowing bowing the head till a point when the chin touches the bottom surface. Continue inhaling and exhaling at a steady pace.

Tips and tricks

  • A useful advice for beginner’s yoga is to accept the practice as the art of life, which in many ways works as a magical cure to a wide range of problems faced by humans, be it stress issues, persistent illness or bad posture. Therefore, yoga should be practiced on a regular basis. A slight deviation from the routine can adversely affect the efforts put into establishing a healthy lifestyle.
  • If you find it difficult to concentrate, feel free to play calming music. Following this rule allows the body to feel relaxed; thus permitting the yogi to completely immerse in the practice.
  • Ensure that you practice the art at a free time, when nobody can interrupt your schedule. In addition to this, wear clothes that make it easy for you to stretch various parts of your body and do not hamper your movements.

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