Our Goal

Our primary goal through our Detox programs is to provide a serene place for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual renewal and detoxification. The combination of Detox programs and our Awakening & Healing® program helps to rejuvenate and create a perfect balance between the body, the mind, and the spirit. All these programs take place in the lap of nature, in a serene haven where a rejuvenating, refreshing, and fun vacation experience awaits you at our stunning beachfront location.

Our Detox Programs

Detox programs at Samma Karuna are not as hard on the body as other more rigid detox programs, yet are very beneficial. The digestive system is not put through a sudden change, as with water fasting. With our detox programs, your body is cleansed gently and is recharged with the most potent nutrients available. This recharges not just the body but the soul too. Once your body is cleansed of toxins, you feel lighter and have more energy to achieve your goals. You will certainly have the energy to attend as many classes in our Awakening and Healing program as you would like.

Our detox programs in Thailand are developed to deeply and completely rid the body of toxins, and work on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and revitalised. Both programs aim for improving longevity and well-being, not just for the duration of a short-time diet regime or a weight loss program. These programs will introduce you to the world of superfoods, through a vegan approach. Unlocking the healing properties of plants and herbs helps to trigger the cleansing process in the body.

After the first day of cleansing, each participant has a one-on-one meeting with the Detox Mentor to create a customised program for their specific health needs. The Detox Mentor takes medical conditions, dietary habits and general lifestyle into consideration, before creating a program for the participant. The participant’s response and progress during the detox program are rigidly supervised and changes are made based upon each individuals specific detox journey.

In addition, everyday, the Detox Mentor and every participant have meetings to learn about the changes that are happening to the mind and body through the detox process. Continuous nutritional advice is given and the Detox Mentor shares methods of how to cleanse your body and learn techniques to optimise and accelerate the betterment of your health in the future.

Participants have plenty of time available in between sessions to spend relaxing and enjoying the island. A walk along the notoriously beautiful beaches of Koh Phangan, a swim in the turquoise ocean, sunbathing under a coconut tree, or simply reading a book in a hammock are favourite past times for our detox clients.

Come and be a part of this wonderful family by joining our detox program in Thailand and find the balance and peace you are looking for. Gift your family and yourself a boost of great health and learn the tools to find inspiration to continue with a more balanced lifestyle.

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