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Tantra of Liberation

May 6 - May 10


Tantra of Liberation

An experiential workshop that includes much sharing of wisdom
The aim of these 5 days is to:
Empower you to create safety within yourself and your environment by increasing your understanding of how this feels and how to communicate clearly.
Liberate you from the issues, your history, your restrictions that hold you back from expressing your Full Tantric Yes for Life.
Raise your awareness of the Sacred in everyone and everything.
Take you into an expansion of your heart with loving connections to yourself and others.
Connect you consciously and more deeply with your sensuality and sexuality, increasing the flow of life force energy throughout your body.
Expand your connections in the world through conscious touch.
All of this empowers a more dynamic way of open, connected, blissful living.

Tantra Ecstatic Presence uses a combination of Movement and Dance – freely and carefully designed exercises, Music, Stillness, Ecstatic Shaking, Ceremony, the speaking of Wisdom, Expansion, Connection and Conscious Touch. All is heart centred, deeply honouring, consensual and conscious.

Open to all genders and sexual orientation over 18. Previous experience not required.

Schedule : There will be 3 sessions each day, 2 X Active sessions around 2 hours each, plus a sharing circle which I use not only for Conscious Listening but also as an opportunity for me to share wisdom on some of the topics that arise.

10% Discount to Previous Intensive Participants of Renetsu’s work.

Maximum participants 20.

About the facilitator:
The workshop is facilitated by a powerful energy worker who Tantricly Self Realised in the ‘90’s, I teach Tantra in a Uniquely Empowering Way. Being a sensitive and experienced empath I am able to read and respond effectively to the needs of the group tailoring my carefully prepared sessions precisely. During a successful career working with offenders, I was struck down with an illness of unbearable pain and told repeatedly I would never walk again. My sons were both young and I was committed to parenting them so I needed to stay present in my body rather than give up this life. These factors fully focused my path to awakening to the knowing of the oneness of all, and taught me a great deal through direct experience. I have been teaching, holding medicine free ceremonies and offering one to one sessions since the late 1990’s. I am internationally renowned as a holder of space in which healing and shifts of consciousness easily occur allowing an impressive growth opportunity to all. I use my sessions as a speaker of wisdom, and messenger of strategic insight with pinpoint accuracy. All of my focus revolves around facilitating and encouraging others into deeper depths of Consciousness and Healing from which to lead full expressions of their awesome authentic being in life. ♥

What people experienced:
“Six months ago, I was a wreck of myself, walking around with barely any will to live, though I had no desire to die. I had no desires at all, at that point, it was like my very life force had been burned out completely. Maybe that’s why they call it “burn out”. With this empty shell of a soul, I came to Koh Phangan and after a month of resting and recovering, I discovered Tantra. Or maybe Tantra discovered me. And it brought me from a fearful place, a way of looking at romantic relationships with distrustful and cynical eyes, to a place of unconditional love for myself and for life. I was 24 years old and had never been in a relationship, something I had always held a lot of shame about. Out of all of the myriad of Tantra workshops out there, I was incredibly lucky to find Renetsu and Tantra Ecstatic Presence, who helped me to slowly open up my heart in the safest space I have ever been in my entire life, like a beautiful lotus flower beginning to bloom. And since then, I have delved deeper into the Tantra world and found both beautiful spaces of healing and others which have been less than beautiful, but all experiences have been part of an incredibly healing journey into my own heart. Now I am in a relationship for the first time in my life, with an amazing man who I love beyond words, who has showed me the true meaning of unconditional love and giving your heart fully to someone – in the words of Rumi, “a lover doesn’t figure the odds, (s)he gambles everything, even the circle around the zero. Thank you.” Thelma Lebert

“I thank you, I thank all of you my beloved friends. I am grateful for the new energy, that new force created in me that I did not know before. Energy that helps me get rid of my judgment with other people. A great warmth that draws me closer to people, to listen to them. Simple. It’s a Great Feeling! It’s an Uplifting Feeling. Shower Love” Shahar Gonen (Israel)

“I acquired in this workshop the possibility to connect to my body and to the world in a totally new and subtle way. The field of possibilities in front of me looks huge and unlimited. I am so grateful for all the support that I got from the safe and secure environment carefully implemented during the workshop as well as the delicious generosity of all the participants! All this would not be possible without this beautiful ability of the facilitator to gently and subtly open around you and within you new channels and possibilities to fully let flow Life energies.” Romain Petinot (France)

** This workshop must be booked at least 1 day in advance.


May 6
May 10
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Samma Karuna
84/13 Moo 8 Haad Chao Phao
Ko Phangan, 84280 Thailand


Samma Karuna


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Address :
84/13 Moo 8 Haad Chao Phao, Ko Phangan
Surat Thani, Thailand
Tel : +66 64 162 6026

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