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Healing Centre in Koh Phangan, Thailand

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At Samma Karuna, we believe that the process of healing starts from within. In other words, the power to heal is in your own hands. It is no longer a secret that the traditional practices of meditation, yoga, fasting, and detoxifying supported by a well-balanced diet that is mainly plant-based, are the bedrock for outstanding health and vigor. We understand that you need professional help in the journey to all-round wellness and well-being. At Samma Karuna, we offer you the healing centre and platform to embark on this journey towards healing and health, while supporting you in a relaxed, serene, and stunning Island of Koh Phangan. We invite you to take this journey into self-awareness, self-discovery, and total health, with us.

Healing Centre: The Place to change your Life

People experience amazing changes in their health and lives after altering their lifestyles to integrate the traditional yoga and meditation practices and philosophies. This creates a desire to live a viable and harmonious life, based on the great principles of trust, mindfulness, and unity. Of course, getting to this stage cannot be achieved simply by wishing it; it requires actions, commitment, and dedication to be the better person you desire. Samma Karuna holds your hands and creates the perfect supportive platform at the healing centre to enable you to heal and grow in self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-fulfillment.

All-Round Wellness at Samma Karuna Healing Centre

To provide the all round wellness you desire, we offer a wide range of services at our healing retreat to equip you with all you need to attain your health and wellness goals. Below are some of the exceptional services you can explore through our healing centre.

Yoga Retreats: We offer a variety of Yoga and Meditation retreats and classes to support a deeper and stronger connection between the body and the mind. This is achieved through a holistic approach that encompasses fasting and healing. We also offer Yoga Teacher Training that is designed to equip you to teach Yoga to others in a professional manner. Our healing centre is open all through the year and can be accessed at any time.

Detox: We also offer Detox programs that are professionally and scientifically created to help cleanse, revitalize and invigorate your mind and body. At Samma Karuna, we will provide guidance and support for you throughout this life-changing and rewarding experience.

Healing: We are very passionate about healing and we use various healing techniques to achieve the desired result. Our Reiki healing classes are designed to offer you all round wellness. Reiki healing is a frequency that encourages harmony and balance. It enhances relaxations and minimizes stress. Reiki, our Divine Universal Life Force Energy is available to everyone irrespective of your religious beliefs, race, religion, and gender. Our healing centre opens you up to a multifaceted healing process that supports healing on different levels including the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional levels.

If you are planning a wellness vacation, Samma Karuna is the choice destination. The ambiance of our Healing and Awakening Centre provides a truly relaxing, serene, and refreshing destination where you can reconnect with your inner self.

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