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December 22, 2016
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4 Halls inside the campus.

There is a saying in almost all the languages, “What goes around, comes around.” This simple quote has direct meaning and applications in all spheres of life, including health. The lifestyle led by today’s people is highly speeded up to meet the extraordinary goals set in accordance with the contemporary times. This has led to the increase in the number of ailments and issues that can only be explained as the reason for not giving proper care to the body and soul. From hypertension to diabetes, all are swarming the lives of so many people that it has become a matter of grave concern.

Yoga as a means of delivering peace and health to the mind and body has been there in oriental for a few millenniums now. The art of self-healing by the simplest means of rhythmic breathing and stretching has made a mark in the lives of the people who are ailing and looking for a method to get past these unwanted medical conditions. Samma Karuna has a few really well-designed Yoga courses in Thailand which are meant to deliver this art to all; beginners and experts alike. These courses can not only take the body in a better shape but also the internal peace and confidence conferred by these are just close to being exemplary.

It is often said that ancient arts can only stay alive and grow at a regular pace when the process of circulation is kept in place. If the art is not circulated by teaching it to more people, then it is bound to lose significance. Yoga has been able to grow for such long period of time owing to the fact that an array of teachers has made sure that it is transferred along generations and boundaries. Yoga teacher training at Koh Phangan provided by Samma Karuna is the type of training that is required for any normal Yoga enthusiast to transition into a Yoga Guru.

Teaching is an art which can’t be taught, but comes with experience and understanding of the pupil. Those who learn through the Yoga courses in Thailand by Samma Karuna are made aware of this principal so that they may translate their knowledge of Yoga to more productive and fruitful results. It can be safely said that Yoga teacher training at Koh Phangan allows the person to grow on a individual scale while also giving the chance to pass on the legacy of a well chiseled art of healing.

Thos who have trained at Samma Karuna have a definite knowledge and understanding of the Yogic art along with a conscience to forward this noble art. This not only allows them to grow at a personal level but also have a sense of responsibility towards the community. While this looks superficial to many but it has direct implications on a person’s self esteem and therefore on the confidence levels which is further translated into mental peace.

Samma Karuna being a well recognized and organized effort towards spreading the goodness of Yoga, can be trusted to bring about the best in people who decide to obtain the peace and wellness from practicing the Yogic arts.

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