Tantra Teachers showing unethical Behaviour

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Tantra practice is usually associated with sex and the mere mention of the word is enough to make some people red with steamy sexual imaginations. In actual fact, tantra is not all about sex or about sexual technique. It is a path of Liberation that is based on acceptance and celebration. It is basically a tradition that promotes self-awakening through intimacy and relationship. In the true sense of the word, only a little portion of the tradition of tantra has something to do with sex. In tantra, sex is only a technique to unite with the divine. The larger part of tantric tradition has to do with permitting all your feelings to be met with the same level of acceptance so that you can become profoundly sensitive to your real feeling. Subsequently, you will be able to develop the ability to feel others and their specific needs. However, due to the intimate nature of the teachings of Tantra, many students have become very vulnerable to their teachers. The fact that Tantra teachers are regarded with a lot of respect and are believed to be an authority also makes it almost impossible for the student to go against the dictates of unethical teachers.

Unethical Behaviour of Tantra Teachers during Tantra Practice

There are usually numerous sessions between the teacher and the student which are often private one-on-one interactions. Many Tantra teachers do take advantage of the close proximity between them and their students by acting in an unethical way. There have been reported cases of sexual assaults and harassments of students during tantra sessions. Due to the total trust and respect accorded these teachers by the students, it is very easy for the teachers to manipulate and use their power to take undue advantage of their student’s trust. Many Tantra students have ended more broken than how they started due to the actions of these unscrupulous Tantra teachers.

The Perfect Solution to putting Tantra Teachers in check

The need for the establishment of an institution that certifies tantra teachers and schools is very critical to curb the excesses of these teachers. This institution will function as a worldwide public directory where anyone can access the profile of Tantra teachers as well as reviews of their students about them. The Tantra Federation is surely the first and initial solution to putting teachers with bad intention under the spotlight.


As teachers and students of Tantra, it is very critical to embrace the Tantra Federation because its potential is to put structures and best practices in place in the world of Tantra. If you are a Tantra teacher, or if you have a Tantra school, it is important that you register and get certified with the Federation so that you can identify with reputable and trustworthy practitioners.


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