For who is this course

Samma Karuna Breathwork Intensive & Certification Program is for anyone who wants to apply breathwork practices as a tool for inner healing, the health of body, mind, and spirit, and for becoming a professional breathwork facilitator and teacher.

What this course is about

This Intensive & teacher training focuses on basic and advanced breathwork practices, it focuses on rebirthing breathwork but covers as well techniques from other breathwork traditions such as Holotropic, Awakening and Shamanic. The course includes different breathing development exercises, deep processing, spiritual psychology, sacred relationships, group dynamics, Energies sublimation & transformation, specific applications in bodywork, counseling and psychotherapy, breathwork for various medical conditions, and breathwork as a business.

Course structure

This course consists of 3 modules, which are part of the Rebirthing intensive and Breathwork Facilitator training. Level 1 and level 2 can be completed separately, but Level 3 (Teacher Training) can only be done if you have successfully completed the Intensive & Practitioner Rebirthing trainings.

This Breathwork TTC is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills, theory and practice, and all-around experience needed to become a Breathworker practitioner or facilitator. You’ll incorporate and integrate different modern and antique breathing styles and methods. You’ll create and make your own unique exercises, techniques, and meditations while focusing on the basics, and building upon the tested and proper fundamentals.

After successfully completing all 3 levels, you will be certified as breathwork facilitator.


These 5 days Rebirthing intensive (March 9th to 14th 2021) can be taken as a life-changing healing retreat, or as a Breathwork Training to gain credits toward certification.

This workshop will provide a safe space for you to uncover and let go of past events and feelings that limit us. As you move into an expanded state of consciousness, your natural intuition can bring great insight, clarity, feelings of oneness and bliss


This training can be taken as a transformative retreat to immerse deep into the practice, or as a Breathwork Training to gain credits toward certification. In this 5 days immersion (March 16th to 20th 2021), you will dive deeper into your understanding of Rebirthing breathwork and you will expand your understanding of the tools and techniques available towards the self-mastering of the rebirthing and awakening breath techniques.


Techniques, tools, and skills you have learned in the previous levels you can now learn to use them in guiding others with confidence in their process for transforming wounding, limiting beliefs and blockages in to acceptance and self-love.
In this Breathwork TTC (March 22 to April 4th 2021), you will get the knowledge and teaching techniques to lead your own breathwork sessions and guide a profound healing process of others. You will obtain all the necessary tools to build a session from the beginning to the end.
This Teacher Training can only be done if you have successfully completed Module 1 and Module 2.
*Limited spaces, sign up on time to secure your spot.
** A free 30 day teaching internship at the school is offered to all graduates.

Subjects Covered:

Our Rebirthing Breathwork Intensive & Facilitator Training Course covers an exceptional study of Breathwork techniques and practices.

  • Circular breath and its traditions
  • Safty
  • Awakening breathwork
  • Rebirthing breathwork
  • Shamanic breathwork
  • Active meditation (trance)
  • OSHO dynamic meditation
  • The work by Byron Katie
  • Sudarshan Kriya
  • Class structure
  • Music composition
  • Energies Sub & Transfiguration
  • Art of teaching
  • Compassionate Sharing
  • Breathwork (Students practicing teaching)
  • Trauma release
  • The Breathwork bussines
  • Groups and class review
  • Groups and class compilation ** A free teaching internship at the school is offered to all graduates.
  • Breathwork Sample Schedule

    (Click on the schedule to enlarge the image)

    How your day will look like

    • 07.00 to 08.00: Meditation Practice (OSHO dynamic, Heart Breath vulnerability (optional)
    • 08.00 to 09.00: Tea Break (Refreshments Provided)
    • 09.00 to 09.20: Compassionate Sharing
    • 09.20 to 10.20: Breathwork Theory classes (Circular breath and its traditions, Energies Sub & Transfiguration, Art of Teaching, Trauma release etc)
    • 10.30 to 12.30: Breathwork practices
    • 13.00 to 14.30: Lunch break (Vegan Buffet Lunch Provided)
    • 14.30 to 14.50: Compassionate Sharing
    • 14.50 to 15.50: Breathwork Theory classes (Music composition, class structure.. etc.)
    • 16.00 to 18.00: Breathwork practices and activities of the day
    • Sundays are your day off.
      The schedule structure will remain the same throughout, but the topics will change according to the program.

    The Application Requirements for our Course

    Pre-requisites to enroll in our Breathwork Intensive & Teacher Training Course are:

    • Previous experience in Rebirthing practice or other type of connecting breath.
    • A true commitment to learning and motivation to become a Breathwork facilitator (even if you don't have plans to teach in the near future).
    • You must be able to read, speak, and comprehend English with a satisfactory degree of fluency.
    • A high level of self-discipline and a full-day commitment for everyday of the course is required as it is physically and mentally demanding.


    We offer a variety of accommodation ranging from dorm accommodation to comforable bungalows with amenities and a sea view. Accommodation is offered inside our campus or in our partner resort next door. The accommodation included in your course fee is TYPE C. However, you may choose to upgrade your accommodation (TYPE B to A) by contacting us after your booking.

    Types of Accommodation and upgrading costs

    TYPE C: Standard bungalow with A/C shared with another student (included in your course fee).
    TYPE B: Standard private bungalow with A/C (+USD 595 extra for 27 nights or +USD 30 a day ).
    TYPE A: Comfortable and spacious bungalow with more amenities and a sea view (+USD 850 extra for 27 night or +USD 40 a day).

    Meet Prem Luca: the lead teacher

    Our lead teacher will be Prem Luca, an internationally recognized experienced breathwork rebirthing facilitator.

    Luca De Santis is a seeker, a healer and an energy and breath worker. He leads many spiritual retreats and experiential workshops across the globe spreading a message of Loving Presence.

    He was first introduced to Breathwork through Stan Grof and his staff’s teachings on Holotropic Breathwork. Subsequently he got certified as a Rebirthing breath-worker with Leonard Orr – the founder of the world-wide Rebirthing Breathwork movement. Since then he has been leading ‘Awakening Breath workshops’ for more than 20 years.

    For several years he traveled around Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil. Now he is leading Darkness Meditation Retreats and workshops of awareness breath. sweat lodges, vision quests, and spiritual support.

    He worked together with a Native American Elder, Manitonquat-Medicine Story till he left his body in 2018 spreading the message of ‘the Circle way’.

    Package Highlights

    • Truly exceptional, life changing program of training
    • Two meals a day (daily delicious Vegan meal a Tea break based on fruits and chai)
    • 27 Days of accommodation in standard A/C bungalow shared with another student (upgradable)
    • Breathwork Facilitator Certification issued by Samma Karuna® for graduates
    • Optional 30 days Internship for graduates to facilitate breathwork experientials at our school
    • All the expertise and post-graduation support of Samma Karuna®, internationally recognized school of Awakening & Healing.


    • Current course status: CONFIRMED, Last updated: July 24, 2021

    Course Booking:

    Book your place on the next Rebirthing Breathwork Intensive & Facilitator Training Course by paying the online deposit.

    Full payment on cash for tuition will be required up on arrival


    Your Plan

    Disk Space






    5 days rebirthing practitioner training

    module 1

    all features on

    module 1 plus:

    intensive breathwork


    RESIDENCIAL retreat  at

    beachfront location

    6 days
    accommodation & 
    II meals / day

    (shared A/C bungalow with
    another student)

    rebirthing & awakening breath included


    (5th of july to

    10th of july 2022)

    11 days rebirthing facilitator training

    Module 1 & 2

    All features on 

    module 1


    resident speciallist in trauma release

    12 days
    accommodation &
    II meals / day

    (shared A/C bungalow with 

    another student)

    learn holotropic & shamanic breathwork


    (5th of july to 

    17th of july 2022)

    26 days rebirthing facilitator training

    Module 1, 2 & 3

    All feature on  module

    1 & 2 plus:

    Certificate as 

    Breathwork Facilitator

    Learn all theory behind

    how to structure

    a classes.

    27 days
    accommodation &
    II meals / day

    (shared A/C bungalow with 

    another student)

    optional 30 days free 

    intership to practice



    (9th of march to

    4th of april 2021)

    You may book with confidence

    All bookings at our website are fully refundable on the event of COVID-19 travel restrictions. ** Applicable to all bookings from April 24 2020 to any future dates in 2020 and 2021.

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