The Gift of Yoga: Learn, Love and Appreciate with Osho Thai

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Meditation is the sacred path to living a calmer and more satiable lifestyle. However, many people are under the wrong impression that yoga and deep meditation is not their cup of tea. Initially, people find it tough to let go of worldly worries and focus their energy on positive thoughts. Do you see yourself constantly questioning people on how to do yoga meditation? Osho Thai has a list of tips that will assist keen learners with the process of habituating themselves with the act of meditation.

  1. As a result of ancient tradition, meditation is practiced during the early hours of the day, when the mind is well rested. Additionally, the chirping birds and morning dew provide a perfect surrounding to meditate peacefully. The quiet setting prepares the body for the day that is to follow, making one feel fresh and rejuvenated. It is of great importance to meditate without any interruptions. Thus, the time before sunrise and sunset are ideal to relax and soak in positive vibes.
  1. Begin the practice with warm-up poses like urdhva mukha savasana and adho mukha svanasana, which help in improving the breathing pattern of the individual. The movements are tailored to stimulate circulation and get rid of lethargy.
  1. Readers are advised to choose scenic and peaceful settings to meditate. The location plays a vital role in helping the individual unwind. The soothing silence allows the mind, body, and soul function in synchrony.
  1. Though generally ignored, readers must diligently follow this rule to make meditation a part of their daily routine. Eat small meals before meditating. While a grumbling tummy can distract you from paying due attention to positive thoughts, a filled stomach can make you feel sleepy and dull. Therefore, it is necessary to strike a balance and consume the right amount of food. It is extremely beneficial to pair the healthy practice of meditation with eating green vegetables and an adequate dose of proteins and minerals.
  1. Meditation makes the world feel like a happier place. Thus, everyone is encouraged to adorn their faces with smiles, which inspire you to look at the world with a new perspective.
  1. Remember to pay close attention the breathing process. Well-timed breathing exercises add a rhythm to the practice, making it easier people to immerse themselves in the act.
  1. Maintain a straight posture, such that the back is lined with the lower portion if the body. It is best to avoid hunches and drooping shoulders. Contrary to popular belief, the lotus position isn’t the only asana to meditate. You are welcome to choose a seating pose that makes you feel at ease and relaxed.
  1. Once meditation is completed, do not open your eyes with a blink. Rather, rub your palms against each other. The heat created by the friction is to be used to the advantage of the meditator. Slowly place your palms over your eyes and let the eyelids absorb the warmth. Gently open your eyes, giving them sufficient time to get accustomed to the bright light. This is one of the crucial instructions on how to do yoga meditation.

People of all ages should try inculcating meditation and yoga in their lives. The practice works as a cure for several diseases and ensures that the body and mind remain fit and young.

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