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What should I pack for coming to Koh Phangan?

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October 19, 2016

– Comfortable clothes for yoga & meditation
– Sandals
– Beach towel
– Sunscreen: Prices in Thailand are usually a bit cheaper than you’ll find back home.
– Sunglasses & Hat: the sun can be very strong, especially between 11am and 4pm
– Mosquito Repellent: Dengue fever is a serious problem throughout Thailand. Use mosquito repellent throughout the day. Also mosquito coils can be purchased locally to keep mosquitoes away from your bungalow porch.
– LED Flashlight: Power outages are a common occurrence on Koh Phangan.
– Waterproof Bag: Unexpected rain, even during the dry season, can take the fun out of carrying books and electronics to the beach. Consider buying a waterproof day bag. Alternatively, dry bags — the same kind used by scuba divers — can be purchased at shops in the island for around US $10.

Other Useful stuff to consider bringing:

– USB Memory Stick: If you’re not traveling with a laptop, you may want a way to exchange photos with other travelers. Bring a card reader for backing up or uploading your photos in internet cafes.

– Power Adapter: Most of the power outlets in Thailand accept both the US-style flat-pronged plugs as well as the rounded European-style power plugs. To ensure that you can connect everywhere, consider bringing a universal power adapter and check the voltage ratings (Thailand uses a 220-volt system)

– Electrolyte Drink Mixes: With tap water being unsafe to drink in Thailand, you’ll eventually grow tired of bottled water. Drink mixes can help replenish electrolytes lost in the extra humidity.

– Guidebook: If nothing else, the maps will come in handy.

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