Unearthing the power of Yoga with Dance Therapy in Thailand

Yoga Retreats in Thailand
A Breath of Fresh Air: Yoga Retreat Thailand
January 20, 2017
Osho Thai
The Gift of Yoga: Learn, Love and Appreciate with Osho Thai
January 21, 2017

A healthy mind and body is the key to a successful and wholesome life. In the times we live in, it is difficult to get time to ourselves to let ourselves loose and let go of our inhibitions. The addition of pressure and tension in our lives amounts to an immensely unhealthy lifestyle that will eventually lead to toxicity and multiple health related problems. Yoga and meditation solves all the health problems we face. This can be vouched for by experts as it is an ancient practice that has healed both; the body and the soul. It is essential that both the mind and the body are in harmony with each other. These are just a few benefits of yoga in daily life.

Vacation with a little bit of Yoga

Taking a break or a vacation will certainly help but adding yoga sessions to the vacation can greatly improve it by many folds. Thailand is a place where you can experience both fun in the form of parties and sightseeing as well as a calm and relaxed time by performing yoga. Samma Karuna is a retreat for yoga. People seeking a relaxed time to revitalize should certainly go to this retreat center that is situated in a beautiful beach. Doing yoga with the view of sparkling turquoise waters and fine white sand is more than what anybody could ask for in a vacation.

Calming the mind, body and soul

We all crave to find inner peace. Put an end to this craving by visiting Samma Karuna and learning the art of brilliantly performing yoga in this gorgeous location. Here you will find several other likeminded people who share your will and energy. They will boost your confidence and help you on your journey to discover yourself. Samma Karuna also has teachers and trainers who guide the beginners thorough the different stages of performing yoga. Other than meditation there are quite a few other things that you can do at this retreat. Music therapy, tantra and dance therapy are a few of these activities.  Dance Therapy in Thailand is the ultimate fun experience one can have during a vacation.

Meditation is the key to peace

Meditation helps you put things into perspective and see things more clearly. You start recognizing yourself as belonging to the universe and cosmos rather than the present, material world. You leave behind all your inhibitions to seek the peace you had been looking for all your life. In the state of meditation, you are swept with a feeling of calm and then clarity strikes you. Yoga truly does help you transform for the better. Little things that do not affect your life stop bothering you. You become a whole new, positive person who sees everyday as a renewed experience rather than a daily routine. The benefits of yoga in daily life are numerous and we should seize the opportunity to learn the beautiful art of yoga.

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