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In today’s fast-paced and challenging world yoga has become a refuge for many individuals around the world. It is where one goes in order to get away from the stress and materialism of life. Yoga is a very peculiar art in many ways, almost like music where there is no end to it. The more one learns the more the thirst grows. And just like any art, it has to be taught by a true artist indeed. Our unique yoga teacher training in Thailand is a fantastic opportunity for inspiring yoga instructors to learn the craft and gain a proper Yoga Alliance certification. This course offers a globally recognized qualification which will enable the instructor to teach Yoga anywhere in the world. Moreover, you will be learning the craft on the beautiful island of Samma Karuna which promises breathtaking views while providing a beautiful learning journey as well.

Samma Karuna – the new go-to destination for Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

Just like any great teacher, yoga requires a dedicated and committed character that is willing to go into the depths of the human soul. This person is responsible for delving deep into the human mind and bringing out the real person hiding underneath all of this. It is no easy task by any means but it offers a great opportunity for someone to learn about themselves in this process as well. A great yoga teacher is one who is aware that yoga involves not just the physical aspect but the deep philosophical reasoning and understanding of the art as well. At Samma Karuna, a person is not only presented with the perfect getaway destination to learn yoga but it offers the best yoga teacher training in Thailand. We have well-trained professionals who provide the finest yoga teaching training in Thailand.

The Course 

Our yoga course is combined with modern teaching techniques involving practice sessions and assignments. Along with this, we also go deep into the history and evolution of yoga through the ages. It is imperative for a yoga instructor to know the origins of where yoga came from in order to get the meaning behind it properly. The yoga teacher training in Thailand offers the right tools to teach the art appropriately while enhancing the learner’s confidence and skills at the same time. Samma Karuna is committed to delivering comprehensive and thorough yoga courses with an up-to-date curriculum and state of the art training facilities and not to mention a beautiful learning environment.

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