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January 14, 2017
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January 20, 2017

What makes yoga a much sought after practice is the benefits attached to it. Yoga has hundreds of physical and mental health advantages. Regular yoga doers find that there have been drastic changes in their lifestyle, in a positive way after performing yoga. This ancient art is especially useful in today’s world because of the types of disease people suffer from because of their excessively unhealthy lifestyle. Meditation is a beautiful practice that everyone should engage in because of the good it does to your body and soul.

There are several health benefits of meditation. Some of them are:

  1. Helps lower high blood pressure and clam anxiety attacks. It also helps with insomnia, , ulcers, headaches and several other bodily problems.
  1. There is change in mood and behavior of the person because of the increase in serotonin production in the body.
  1. Meditation also helps with weight loss.
  1. Respiration is greatly improved and so is the energy level of the person.
  1. Yoga and meditation helps in flexibility. You becomes more active and can carry out daily functions in a more smooth and refined manner.

Other than the physical benefits, there are other mental health benefits of meditation, too:

  1. A more relaxed and calm state of mind.
  1. Increase in concentration levels as yoga improves awareness. You learn to be more alert to your surroundings because of the increased awareness that meditation brings about.
  1. You become emotionally stronger as yoga improves emotional stability.
  1. Anxiety and panic attacks are greatly reduced. There are several breathing techniques that yoga teaches to help when you find yourself in a situation that triggers your anxious state of mind.
  1. You gain clarity. You begin to see the world with a renewed sense of mind. Your perspective on life changes. All your problems that you once worried about become irrelevant as you gain a deeper understanding of the small, beautiful things in life.

Anybody would love such beautiful experience ad gain all these mental and health benefits of yoga. What better way to experience this than in Samma Karuna. Samma Karuna is located in the Had Cha Pao beach, Koh Phangan. The natural, scenic beauty of this place fosters the yoga experience and elevates your soul to the highest levels of calm and peacefulness. Samma Karuna is a School of yoga that focuses upon healing and awakening thorugh yoga and meditation. The trainers and teachers there will ensure that you have the most wonderful yoga sessions. The Yoga Teacher Training is a great course to join to learn the nuances of yoga and get an opportunity to teach the others around you the art of performing yoga. This is a beautiful place to lose yourself in and ironically, also find the parts of you that you never knew before.

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