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Samma Karuna’s yoga is gentle, spiritual and therapeutic. Suitable both for beginners and experienced practitioners.

It incorporates the basis of Hatha Yoga with Vinyasa flow and mindful Ujjayi pranayama allowing the whole process of practice to become mindful and healing.

Most famous Social Meditation of Samma Karuna. It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.

In this love meditation, we will explore the art of seeing light in each other and within ourselves as a true path for a more thankful and happy life.

As a school of self-realization, our main concern is to help our students finding an authentic and long-lasting happiness. As a non-dogmatic, non-religious school, our aim is to help you develop your own light and wisdom.

Understanding that true wisdom comes from within, through our own personal experiences, rather than second-hand wisdom found in books or lectures.

Our Awakening lectures are based on experiential exercises, time for reflection, sharing, music & meditation.

Based on non-violent communication we learn how to share from your heart, sharing our vulnerabilities with the group and having the courage to be just ourselves.

In this process, we taking responsibility for our emotions and balance whilst we understand that what makes us vulnerable actually make us beautiful.

Rebirthing is a gentle yet powerful conscious breathing technique. It brings into awareness our unconsciously held beliefs, emotions and the relationships we have with our bodies and ourselves.

By birthing with awareness we make possible to resolve, integrate and heal previously unresolved issues in our lives.

Tantra helps us to realize the divine beauty we all have within. In this special events, we will use the power of breath, movement and touch to connect with ourselves and to others in a fun, loving and playful way.

Fifteen stages intense cathartic meditation inspired by Humaniversity AUM meditation and OSHO’s AUM Marathon.

Three and a half hours journey of opening up to your emotions, reconnecting with your body and celebrating life.

It is an active meditation in which we use rhythm, awareness, and an intuitive state which are typical qualities of many types of meditation within dancing to reconnect with ourselves and celebrate life.

Free weekly event offering an uplifting conscious movie to bring more awareness and understanding to our lives.

When we hug, our hearts connect and we know that we are not separate beings.

Hugging with mindfulness and concentration can bring reconciliation, healing, understanding, joy, and great happiness. This meditation is only available at our center in Thailand.

Breathing is the first act of life. Within the breath is the unexplored secret of life. Sudarshan Kriya is a powerful yet simple rhythmic breathing technique that incorporates specific natural rhythms of the breath, harmonizing the body, mind, and emotions.

This technique eliminates stress, fatigue and negative emotions such as anger, frustration, and depression. Leaving the mind calm and focused, the body energized and completely relaxed.

We gather every day to meditate together. Vipassana as taught by S. N. Goenka is a traditional still meditation which is 2500 years old and considered to be the meditation used by Gautama Buddha to gain enlightenment.

All levels are welcome, just bring a respectful and loving energy to the class. If you haven’t meditated before, we may introduce you to anapana meditation technique to get you started.

Course Overview

We believe that experiential learning is the best form of learning. Anything that we experience directly tends to have a greater impact on us.

Hence, we focus on achieving true wisdom, acquired through our own experience, rather than ‘receiving’ the experiences of a guru or teacher through words or ancient text.

Our sole purpose is to help each and every individual to become who they really want to be.

Through self-exploration, everyone can free themselves from the collective consciousness and become their true selves.

Our one-year program is tailored for individuals seeking profound personal growth and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner looking to expand your knowledge or someone embarking on a journey of self-discovery for the first time, this course is designed to meet you where you are and guide you toward your highest potential.

This program is perfect for aspiring professionals in fields such as psychology, holistic health, and education, seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge with a comprehensive curriculum that integrates academic rigor with experiential learning. It’s also ideal for individuals who yearn for a transformative experience, where they can immerse themselves in a supportive community while exploring diverse modalities such as BioDevelopment, 200-hour and 500-hour yoga teacher training, Tantra, breathwork and Thai massage.

Moreover, our course caters to those who value the power of experiential learning over traditional academic approaches, and are eager to engage in self-exploration, liberate themselves from societal constraints, and connect with their authentic selves. Whether you’re considering postgraduate studies or further academic pursuits, this holistic education, encompassing mind, body, and spirit, offers immense value in your personal and professional growth.

By joining our residential program, you’ll not only gain invaluable skills and knowledge but also cultivate lifelong connections and experiences that will empower you to thrive in all aspects of your life.

The application requirements for our One-Year Program

The prerequisites to enroll in our One-Year Program are:

Meet your teachers


He is the creator of the BioDevelopment® dance therapy system, the school of contemporary Tantra, Samma Karuna So Ham breathwork® and Tetra Breathwork® along with many active meditations and techniques combining breath, movement and expression. Ishi currently leads the 3 main schools of Samma Karuna.


Patricia Udipti is a Breathwork, Meditation and Somatic Practices facilitator.

She started her journey 10 years ago when she was first introduced to active meditation.

Patricia has been living in Europe and Asia for the last 8 years, developing her work in conscious expansion and supporting others self-healing journeys.

Carole is a psychotherapist and Tantra facilitator who is deeply committed to serving individuals on their path of emotional healing and awakening through mindfulness and loving presence.  

Carole’s own journey of healing and self-development began 7 years ago through the practice of Tantra yoga and meditation. 


Raphael is an Integrative Psychotherapist and Meditation Teacher.

They support people to transform challenging situations, toward leading the most authentic and fulfilling lives possible.

They employ a range of therapeutic and life development modalities, including mindfulness and self-compassion, play therapy, art, dance, and ecological, utilising pioneering research in neuroscience.

“The true spirit of my work is to guide people who sense that ‘there must be something more’, into healing experiences of deep peace, timelessness & the Great Relief that comes from reconnecting to what really matters – to live from, and as, Soul in this beautiful, yet troubled world.”

Suta has over 25 years experience in the healing arts and travelled widely, leading workshops and trainings in 15 countries.


Kristine started her spiritual path 7 years ago when she decided to take a break from the corporate and academic world to travel without even thinking that would change her entire life. It was a new beginning and liberation for her.

The journey took her to Asia where she discovered and started practicing meditation, yoga and different spiritual modalities.

Your One-Year Program structure:

The course consist on four different modules; Module I: Reiki - Volunteering - Yoga TTC (3 months), Module II: Breathwork - Internship (2 months), Module III: Biodevelopment & Tantra TTC (2 months) and Module IV: Events , A & H & tesis 100h (3 months).

You will learn how to awaken your consciousness, calm your mind and open your heart for the Reiki energy to flow through you. Reiki is a beautiful art of healing that offers beneficial, calming, balancing and stress-reducing effects.
Reiki is a healing practice where the healer channels their energy into the patient through touch. It is said to activate the healing properties within the patient to help with their physical and emotional well-being. This alternative medicine was created in 1922 by the Japanese Buddist Mikao Usui. Since its creation, several other variations have been created some with names like “palm healing” or “hands-on healing”.

Reiki attunements open and expand the Ki-holding capacity or the Hara Line and clear energy blockages. They open a channel for the Reiki energy to flow from practitioner to client. The more a practitioner uses Reiki the clearer and stronger the flow becomes. The attunement process is what makes Reiki stand apart from other types of healing systems. Although others healing arts may use hand positions on the client, only Reiki has the wonderful benefit of the attunement process. For this reason, you cannot learn Reiki through reading about it, it has to be experienced. However, the markets are flooding with more and more informative books written about Reiki. Reiki can become a way of life if that is what you make of it.

Some of the issues Reiki is known to heal:

✓ Reduce Stress/Anxiety/Tension

✓ Reiki Is Also Known To Heal Migraines, Asthma, Panic Attacks And A Whole Range Of Other Ailments

✓ Enhances Physical and Emotional well-being

✓ Helps boost the immune system


Our program covers all Yoga Alliance requirements but also includes an exceptional study of yoga techniques and practices.

✓ Asana practice & theory in Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin

✓ Vipassana/Anapana Meditation

✓ Classic Pranayama

✓ Breathwork for Healing & Awakening

✓ Compassionate Sharing

✓ Yoga & self development

✓ Yogi & Taoist cultivating, circulating & sublimating of energy

✓ Anatomy and Physiology

✓ The 6 Yogic purification techniques (Shatkarma)

✓ 8 Limbs of yoga of Patanjali

✓ Yamas & Niyamas

✓ Overview on Yoga History

✓ Basics of Sanskrit

✓ Introduction to Ayurveda

✓ Energy body structure

✓ Tantra & Yoga

✓ Truth and correct understanding in yoga (guidance on how to interpret the sutras)

✓ Shankhaprakshalana practice (optional)

✓ Samma Karuna So Ham Meditation practice

✓ Mantras & mudras

✓ The Art of teaching – from the mind-intellectual to the heart-intuitive

✓ Yoga & business

✓ Yoga & nutrition

✓ Self inquiry practice

✓ Active meditations & OSHO® active meditations practice

This Intensive & facilitator training course focuses on basic and advanced breathwork practices. It focuses on Tetra and Holotropic-like breathwork but covers as well techniques from other breathwork traditions such as Rebirthing and Shamanic breathwork.

The course includes different breathing development exercises, deep processing, spiritual psychology, sacred relationships, group dynamics, self-inquiry practice, sublimation & alchimy of energy, meditation, specific applications in bodywork, counselling and psychotherapy, breathwork for various conditions, and breathwork as a business.

Course structure

This course consists of 3 levels or modules, which are part of the Multi-style breathwork practitioner training and Breathwork Facilitator training. Level 1 and level 2 can be completed separately from level 3, however Level 3 (facilitator training) can only be done if you have successfully completed the Intensive & Practitioner training (levels 1 & 2), either this time or in a previous training.

This breathwork facilitator training is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills, theory and practice, and all-around experience needed to become a breathworker practitioner and facilitator. You’ll incorporate and integrate different traditional and modern breathing styles and methods. You’ll create and make your own unique classes, techniques, and meditations while focusing on the basics, and building upon the tried and tested fundamentals.


Subjects Covered

Our Breathwork multi-style Intensive & Facilitator Training Course covers an exceptional study of Breathwork techniques and personal growth practices.

✓ Circular breath and its traditions

✓ Safety and bounderies

✓ Breathwork as tool for personal growth

✓ Breathwork as tool for self-realization

✓ Tetra breathwork

✓ Rebirthing breathwork

✓ Holotropic-like breathwork

✓ Shamanic breathwork

✓ Biodevelopment practice (inner-child work)

✓ Introduction to emotional awareness

✓ Active meditation theory (understanding of trance states)

✓ Samma Karuna AUM meditation

✓ OSHO® dynamic meditation

✓ Self inquiry practice (based on the work of Byron Katie)

✓ Concentration practice

✓ So ham breathwork (diaphragmatic breath)

✓ Class structure

✓ Music composition

✓ Sublimation & Alchemy of energy

✓ Art of teaching

✓ Compassionate Sharing

✓ Breathwork (teaching practice)

✓ Trauma management

✓ Mindfulness practice

✓ The Breathwork business

✓ Groups and class review

✓ Groups and class compilation

What is BioDevelopment 

BioDevelopment is platform of self-development based on acceptance that helps to harmonize body and mind by balancing emotions and bringing body awareness using human interactions, music and movement. 

BioDevelopment Dance Therapy is a unique system developed in Samma Karuna by Ishi. Intensely lived moments through music and expression are the heart of this dance therapy course. Every session have a profound capacity to transform us and connect us with life. 

Subjects covered

Our BioDevelopment Dance Therapy TTC covers de following subjects:

✓ Creating a session (BioDevelopment session – part 1)

✓ Behind the scene (BioDevelopment – part 2)

✓ Musical being (BioDevelopment Music)

✓ Choice and role of music in Therapy Music (semantic of music)

✓ Structure of a course (Weekly sessions and workshops)

✓ The group and Facilitator’s role (Working with groups)

✓ Diagnosis tools (Evaluation criteria of development in BioDevelopment)Ready to go… (Official list of Exercises, Music and Instructions)


In this first module of 14 days, you will dive deeper into your understanding of the tools, meditations and techniques available towards a deeper self-understanding of Tantra as a path of awakening & healing. 

This module can be taken as a transformative retreat to immerse deep into the practice of Tantra, or as a Teacher Training to gain credits toward the 4 weeks certification.

Main subjects covered in Module 1:

✓ What is Tantra

✓ Biodevelopment practice (Tantra & inner-child work)

✓ Compassionate Sharing

✓ Self-Inquiry practice

✓ Concentration practice

✓ Tantra and nutrition

✓ OSHO® Dynamic meditation

✓ Tantra & boundaries

✓ Introduction to emotional awareness

✓ Mindful touch

✓ Tantra & self-development

✓ Caressing meditation

✓ Different styles of connecting breathwork

✓ Samma Karuna So Ham meditation (opening diaphragmatic breath)

✓ Energy body structure

✓ History of Tantra

✓ Exploration of the senses meditation

✓ Balancing polarities meditation

✓ Samma Karuna AUM meditation

✓ Techniques for sublimation & transmutation of energy

✓ Shiva & Shakti sacred practices (circles of male & female)

✓ Review to the 7 traditions of Tantra

✓ Introduction to Shamanic Tantra

✓ Tao Bodywork (Tantric massage)


Module 2: Advance practices and how to teach

Advanced techniques are focused on intimacy, heart opening, the recognition of the observer and the integration of the observer with the observed. 

Our teacher´s module will provide you with the knowledge and teaching techniques needed to lead your own Tantra classes and workshops. You will obtain all the necessary tools to build a session from the beginning to the end.

All successful graduates from this training course are invited to take a complementary 30 day internship at our main school in Thailand to facilitate our regular Tantra classes within the first 3 years of certification.

This Teacher Training can only be done if you have successfully completed the Module 1.

*Limited spaces, sign up on time to secure your spot.

Main subjects covered during the teacher training:

✓ How to structure a class

✓ Overview to Tantric sutras

✓ Mantras and Yantras

✓ Awareness in Intimacy

✓ Tantra as a path to altruistic love

✓ Atisha’s heart meditation (Tonglen)

✓ Tantra and devotion

✓ Tantra and the understanding of trance states

✓ How to structure a Tantra class

✓ Tantra and music structure

✓ Tantra teaching practice in groups

✓ The art of Teaching Tantra

✓ Tantra and business

✓ Tao-Tantra practices for multi-orgasmia

✓ Sexual control for men and women

✓ Tantra as a path of liberation

✓ Samma Karuna Awakening Meditation (observer)

✓ Tantra and the transcendence of duality (observer and observed as one)

✓ Supporting the Eventsmanager in their role, gain understanding how to coordinate teachers, create schedules, how to advertise & organize workshops.

✓ Supporting the social media & understanding the marketing strategy.

✓ Joining the A&H program, and support teachers as assistance

✓ Writing Thesis – about the whole year.

What will your day consist of?

What will your day consist of?

Sundays are your day off. The schedule structure will remain the same throughout, but the topics will change according to the program.

Accommodation for your One-Year Program

Accommodation for your Tantra Training

Ranging from shared dorm accommodation to private bungalows with amenities and a sea view. You may choose to include accommodation with your course during the booking process. Accommodation is offered inside our campus or at our partner resort next door.

Type D

Single bed in a 4 beds mixed gender dorm with A/C (included in your course fee).

Type C

Standard bungalow with A/C shared with another student (€ 350 extra).

Type B

Standard private bungalow with A/C (€ 595 extra).

Type A

Comfortable and spacious bungalow with more amenities and a sea view (€ 850 extra).

Student testimonials

Samma Karuna feels like home to me. Last year I spent months in Koh Phangan planning my days around my favorite breathwork sessions and beautiful tantra classes given by brand new teachers (TTC graduates). Later on, while traveling outside Thailand it became clear to me that Samma Karuna is a place where I want to spend Christmas so I returned to the island in December to continue my adventure, this time as a volunteer.
Zaraz W
Written January 28, 2023
I had the most Beautiful experience at Samma, i did my Teacher training and completly Love it. Very profetional teachers. The food, the place, the people 🙂 just fantastic ❤️ Thank you so much For this unique experince ! I keep you in my Heart until next time Love and light.
Nathalie C
Written August 30, 2022
I took the Tantra Training Course in Greece, and was blown away! One intense month with a deep and personal learning process through meditation, dancing, playing, classes, human encounters and inner process. The teachers live what they preach, and they are amazing! Say yes to the whole experience, and you will get a lot more than you came for 😉
Written August 20, 2022
Samma Karuna is a wonderful place where you can experience some of the most interesting and transformational spiritual practices such as breathwork, tantra, inner dance or active meditation. The people at Samma Karuna are very welcoming and warm. It made me feel like part of this community the moment I arrived. The teachers are really thoughtful and knowledgeable so you can always consult them and ask for guidance.
Gosia M
Written December 19, 2022
AMAZING EXPERIENCE. The Location is incredible, teachers are pro and nice, I specially loved the AUM Osho Meditation and Sacred Geometry teachings, as well as all the other activities we did nearby, like the Aesthetics Dance every Wednesday and Sunday morning. Loved it. Dont think about it and just go.
Written July 29, 2022
Amazing place with wonderful people and wise teachers. The energy and location is just amazing. Highly recommend 🙂
Kristaps J
Written May 30, 2023

Last updated: 14th September 2023

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Course Booking

Course Booking

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14 Days Tantra Intensive Retreat

Special Early Bird Discount Valid till 29th of February
€ 2071 € 2321
  • Module I of the TTC course
  • Truly exceptional training program from Samma Karuna School of Awakening & Healing
  • Welcome bag and instructorial hand-out
  • 14 days of residential accomodation (Shared room with another student)
  • Transfer service from the pier
  • Self-understanding program. 85% if this course is experiential
  • Light Breakfast and 2 healthy and nutritious vegan meals a day (lunch and dinner) in All-Inclusive.
  • Certificate of participation and credits towards become a tantra teacher
Module I

28 Days Tantra Teacher Training

Special Early Bird Discount Valid till 29th of February
€ 3050 € 3550
  • Module II of the TTC course
  • Welcome bag and training manual
  • Learn all theory behing how to structure a class
  • 28 days of residential accomodation (Shared room with another student - upgradable)
  • Set of Music, guided meditations and tantra texts (to support your teaching after the course)
  • Multiorgasmy techniques and awareness in intimacy
  • Optional internship to practice teaching tantra at our main school in Thailand (Valid for 3 years)
  • Certificate as tantra teacher for graduates* 100HR teaching experience are required during the first year
Modules I & II

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