Reasons why you should register for Tantra Teacher Training in Thailand

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Have you gone through Yoga training in Thailand? Do you want to take it a step further and increase your depth of knowledge? The Tantra Teacher Training in Thailand should be your first consideration. Going through the training is a life-changing experience that is bound to change your practice completely. The training goes beyond developing your teaching skills. Tantra ideology covers all areas of life. It is designed to impact your life in a new dimension. In other words, the training is about you and all that the training has to offer you.

Why you need to enroll for Tantra Teacher Training in Thailand?

Tantra Teacher Training in Thailand is the right way to enlightenment. According to the Osho’s Tantric tradition, he defines Tantra as ‘The Path of Acceptance’. It is important to know that Tantra is a Yin energy that portrays a state of innocence in all its beauty. The Tantra training is therefore expected to bring you into the knowledge of self-acceptance in all areas of your life, irrespective of where you have been or what you have done.

Our Tantra training is designed to provide students with a complete toolkit inclusive of course materials and comprehensive teaching skills. At the end of the training, students will be confident and able to transmit the practice and philosophy of tantric traditions to others. In addition to being able to teach others, they will also be able to imbibe the teachings and practice into their everyday living. Our goal is to train and guide students to become competent and experienced Tantra teachers. By this, they will be able to spread the authenticity and richness of the tantra tradition among the growing number of spiritual seekers all over the world.

There are basically two types of tantra; right-hand tantra and left-hand tantra.

Right-Hand Tantra

This is more focused on internal energy. For this type of tantra, there is no need for any external act or rituals. The students will be trained to develop the skills to work up their inner energies so as to make things happen. If you focus your inner energy on your body, you can command great power in your physical activities. In addition, if you focus the energy on your mind, your mind can become as sharp as a new sword. If same is focused on your heart, you can produce great love. Tantra is all about focusing your inner energies toward different facets of your life and making remarkable things happen.

Left Hand Tantra

The ideology of left-hand tantra is based on turning your weaknesses into strengths. There are basically three weaknesses of human that can negatively impact on their lives; alcohol/drugs, food, and sex. Left-hand tantra uses these same weaknesses to increase the strength of participants.

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