Samma Karuna's community & volunteering program

Samma Karuna is a School of Awakening & Healing and a mindful community based in Thailand for people who wish to learn how to live a happier and more fulfilled life based on self-development, acceptance and celebration.

Our school is a project for a better world. A more open hearted, loving and peaceful world. We believe that, if we want to see positive change in the world, we have to BE the change that we want to see.

So we actively work on ourselves, developing compassion and empathy for ourselves and our fellow human beings. We learn to bring our light and energy to the community, to help to open people's hearts and to transmute suffering into long lasting happiness.

What benefits volunteering at Samma Karuna offer?

  • You will be part of one of the most meaningful roles in our mission to bring harmony, peace and happiness to this world.
  • Volunteers get full access to our Awakening & Healing program for free including daily yoga classes, mindfulness practice, Tantra, Breathwork and many more daily activities.
  • Open access to our beach front campus installations.
  • Wonderful community experience.
  • Opportunity to assist experienced teachers in their regular classes and workshops.
  • Special discounts on most workshops and teacher training courses

What are the requirements to be a volunteer?

  • You have already done personal development for at least a year with an intention of taking the next step on your path by helping others.

  • You are a positive and vibrant individual that will contribute to the heart based spirit of Samma Karuna.

  • You can commit to the full 4 week programme of helping 4 hours a day.
    As Karma Yoga student you will be doing manual work (e.g. beach clean, hall preparation, garden care…) for 6 days a week.

  • You commit to dedicate yourself to taking at least 3 daily classes. Please note that this means that you can commit to spending most of your day at the school (8 to 9 hours a day).

  • You take your role with dedication – This means you are organised enough to be punctual to your shifts/classes and complete the work that is asked of you.

  • You are not currently dealing with any emotional issues which can put you at risk of not committing to the role.
    If you are experiencing emotional issues, we strongly encourage you to join the school as an Awakening and Healing student instead, as this means you will have more time for yourself to process your healing and growth. You will still have the opportunity to volunteer but with the flexibility of choosing the activities and duration of your volunteering and receiving additional guidance and support to assist you with your healing and awakening process.

  • Please consider as well as all the requirements mentioned above you will have to watch our online training video (about 1 hour and 30 minutes long), understand it and pass an online exam based on this video to be considered as volunteer

  • What type of volunteering is available?

    What kind of work will I do as a volunteer?

    Volunteering is typically done at the school with activities such as

  • Assisting with classes

  • Permaculture

  • Art painting

  • Garden care

  • Beach Care

    - We also offer additional volunteering activities such as

  • Helping out at Phangan Animal Care

  • Working at local organic farms

  • Free-Hugs campaigns

  • Distributing flyers

    - You may also be asked to help out on projects if you have any skills with

  • Marketing and Social Media

  • Graphic Design

  • Professional photography

  • Content writing

    Attention: This is a full commitment volunteering experience for budget travelers, who are strongly committed to work with themselves and assist others. You will be spending most of your day at the school (about 8 to 9 hrs. a day), either working with yourself or helping at the school. If you would like more time for yourself during the day we highly recommend you attend as a regular student, where you can still volunteer at times of your choice without restriction.

  • Can I volunteer more than 30 days?


    Yes, some volunteers repeat the course many times. Once your month of volunteering is finished you can still taking classes for free during an extra month.

    Is accommodation and food free?

    No, Samma Karuna volunteering does not include accommodation or food.
    You may book accommodation outside the school with the local Thai community or inside our campus at very affordable rates starting from 150 euros a month for a bed in 8 bed dorm with fan. .

    How do I apply to become a community member or community volunteer?


    Just complete our community application form online by clicking Here