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Tantra Practitioner Training and Tantra Teacher Training in Greece

Tantra Training Ikaria island, Greece
(2 and 4 weeks respectively)

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Our Tantra Teacher Training Course (TTTC) is non-dogmatic

Allowing us to embrace and cover the seven most important Tantric traditions in a unique comprehensive program. The teaching methods used include both scientific and traditional Tantric knowledge.

Free Tantra Teaching Internships to graduates

Our Tantra Teacher Training offers an optional free internship (extra 4 weeks) to teach Tantra at our headquarters in Koh Phangan, Thailand. This benefit is valid for 3 years from your graduation date and is meant for graduate students that would like to deepen their Tantra teaching skills.


The venue at Cavos Bay, Ikaria​

We proudly offer one of the most beautiful and wide Tantra campus in Thailand and the only beach-front tantra retreat of it's kind. Our campus features 3 beach front mult-porpuse halls, an air conditioned hall, massage shop, restaurant, garden area and more.

We are a Tantra Community and Family

Our training takes place in one of the most beautiful areas of the world. In front of the sea of the Greek coast that gives us unforgettable sunsets. The Cavos Bay hotel will be our meeting point where we will spend unforgettable weeks.​

We are an internationally recognized Tantra school

Samma Karuna is an internationally recognized Tantra school with headquarters in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Our team of senior teachers and instructors fully embrace Tantra and Yoga as a lifestyle and path of liberation.

Our Tantra Training curriculum is product of many year of work and devotion for Tantra.

At Samma Karuna school we have created our own educational framework and we include wonderful experiencials and practices, product of many years of dedication and love for Tantra.

Looking for Tantra Training Courses in Ikaria Island, Greece?

We are an established International Tantra school established with more than 10 years in the market offering courses in Koh Phangan, Thailand and Greece.

We provide a mindful community, for people who want to live a happier, more fulfilled and wholesome life, based on principles of self-development, acceptance and celebration.


Who is this course for?

Who is this course for?

Samma Karuna Tantra practitioner & Tantra teacher training is for anyone who wants to apply Tantra practices as tools for inner healing, the health of body, mind, and spirit, and for becoming a professional Tantra facilitator and teacher. This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills, theory and practice needed to go deeper in your own Tantra practice (module 1) and to offer you the understanding of advanced Tantra techniques as well as the teaching techniques necessary to facilitate Tantra (module 2). Upon successful completion of both modules of the course students will be certified as Tantra Teachers in Training and will be required to obtain additional 100hr teaching experience within the first year of certification in order to upgrade their credentials to a Certified Tantra Teacher.


The application requirements for our Tantra Teacher Training course

The prerequisites to enroll in our Tantra practitioner training and Tantra Teacher Training are:


Meet your Tantra teachers

ishi redimensionada


He is the creator of the BioDevelopment® dance therapy system, the school of contemporary Tantra, Samma Karuna So Ham breathwork® and Tetra Breathwork® along with many active meditations and techniques combining breath, movement and expression. Ishi currently leads the 3 main schools of Samma Karuna.



Patricia Udipti is a Breathwork, Meditation and Somatic Practices facilitator.

She started her journey 10 years ago when she was first introduced to active meditation.

Patricia has been living in Europe and Asia for the last 8 years, developing her work in conscious expansion and supporting others self-healing journeys.

Carole 1 1


Carole is a psychotherapist and Tantra facilitator who is deeply committed to serving individuals on their path of emotional healing and awakening through mindfulness and loving presence.  

Carole’s own journey of healing and self-development began 7 years ago through the practice of Tantra yoga and meditation. 

Raphael 1


Raphael is an Integrative Psychotherapist and Meditation Teacher.

They support people to transform challenging situations, toward leading the most authentic and fulfilling lives possible.

They employ a range of therapeutic and life development modalities, including mindfulness and self-compassion, play therapy, art, dance, and ecological, utilising pioneering research in neuroscience.

suta 1 1 1


“The true spirit of my work is to guide people who sense that ‘there must be something more’, into healing experiences of deep peace, timelessness & the Great Relief that comes from reconnecting to what really matters – to live from, and as, Soul in this beautiful, yet troubled world.”

Suta has over 25 years experience in the healing arts and travelled widely, leading workshops and trainings in 15 countries.

Kristine 1 1


Kristine started her spiritual path 7 years ago when she decided to take a break from the corporate and academic world to travel without even thinking that would change her entire life. It was a new beginning and liberation for her.

The journey took her to Asia where she discovered and started practicing meditation, yoga and different spiritual modalities.

Your Tantra Course structure:

The course consist on two different modules; Module 1: Tantra practitioner training, and Module 2: Tantra Teacher Training. While module 1 can be done by itself, module 2 can only be done if you have successfully completed module 1 first.

Module 1: Tantra Intensive Retreat

In this first module of 14 days, you will dive deeper into your understanding of the tools, meditations and techniques available towards a deeper self-understanding of Tantra as a path of awakening & healing. This module can be taken as a transformative retreat to immerse deep into the practice of Tantra, or as a Teacher Training to gain credits toward the 4 weeks certification.

Main subjects covered in Module 1:

Module 2: Advance practices and how to teach

Advanced techniques are focused on intimacy, heart opening, the recognition of the observer and the integration of the observer with the observed.
Our teacher´s module will provide you with the knowledge and teaching techniques needed to lead your own Tantra classes and workshops. You will obtain all the necessary tools to build a session from the beginning to the end.
All successful graduates from this training course are invited to take a complementary 30 day internship at our main school in Thailand to facilitate our regular Tantra classes within the first 3 years of certification. This Teacher Training can only be done if you have successfully completed the Module 1. *Limited spaces, sign up on time to secure your spot.

Main subjects covered during the teacher training:


What will your day consist of?

What will your day consist of?

Sundays are your day off. The schedule structure will remain the same throughout, but the topics will change according to the program.

Accommodation for your Tantra Training in Cavos Bay, Ikaria

Accommodation for your Tantra Training in Cavos Bay, Ikaria

We offer a variety of accommodation ranging from shared standard rooms to very comfortable accommodation with amenities and a sea view. Accommodation is offered exclusively inside Cavos Bay where all students participating in this course will be staying. The accommodation included in your course fee is standard shared room with another student and garden View. However, you may choose to upgrade your accommodation during the application process for the course.

Type C

C Europe

Standard room shared with another student (included in your course fee).

Type B

B Europe

Superior private room and garden view (€ 850 extra).

Type A

A Europe

Suite with sea view - spacious room with extra amenities and a sea view (€ 1320 extra).


Student testimonials

I completed the Tantra teacher course in Ikaria, Greece in 2021 and returned home a new person with heart wide open. My friends said I was glowing, “it was a quantum leap.” <3 I am blessed to carry forward the gifts I receive at Samma to my family, friends, as well as to the patients I serve as a medical doctor in the USA.
Heather C
Written August 27, 2022
I took the Tantra Training Course in Greece, and was blown away! One intense month with a deep and personal learning process through meditation, dancing, playing, classes, human encounters and inner process. The teachers live what they preach, and they are amazing! Say yes to the whole experience, and you will get a lot more than you came for 😉
Written August 20, 2022
I did the tantra teacher training in Ikaria 2021. The days were structured and intense. It was well organized but also flexible enough to be in the moment and follow what ever came up during the classes. The training was a life altering experience, and the teachers were so knowledgeable, creative and loving. And I am forever grateful to them. The teachers created a safe environment for me to move outside my comfort zone and learn more and more about myself.
Kristina S
Written July 22, 2022
I have visited Samma Karuna many times, both in the old place and the new one and have also done some courses organised in Greece with them. My experience can only be described as one of abundant love, that's why I keep going for more and more. The people that run the place and those courses are heart driven.
Pepe P
Written September 27, 2022
I went along to Samma Karuna in Greece in April 2022, and it was a life-changing experience for me, and has left a very profound mark on my life, which is hard to put into words. I would highly recommend Samma Karuna's courses, and I already plan to visit again in Thailand later this year. 100% recommend
Written July 25, 2022
Such a beautiful and peaceful place ♥️ Various yoga and tantra classes you can join all day. Most importantly the staff and volunteers turn the space into a very nice community. If you need compassion, kindness or you just want to be in a nice community this is the place ✨
Ilgaz Y
Written May 30, 2023
Samma Karuna is a place where everyone can find their place, be accepted and heal. I have done Breathwork facilitator training in Greece and it was simply life changing. I was able heal many wounds and literary change my life completely. The teachers were amazing and supported us all the way through with lots of love and care. This training requires a lot of courage, motivation and self discipline, but when you feel the massive change in yourself at the end it all pays off 🙂
Written January 26, 2022
Samma Karuna feels like a cosy community. Which I did not found in other places on the island. People are so supportive. Which is lovely because the classes can be intense in a way that it can trigger a lot inside.
Written February 10, 2023
Amazing place with wonderful people and wise teachers. The energy and location is just amazing. Highly recommend 🙂
Kristaps J
Written May 30, 2023
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Upcoming Courses:

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Course Booking:

Course Booking:

Book your place on the next Tantra Training Course (TTC) by choosing your preferred course and selecting your date afterwards.

14 Days Tantra Intensive Retreat

Special Early Bird Discount Valid till 30th of June
  • Module I of the TTC course
  • Truly exceptional training program from Samma Karuna School of Awakening & Healing
  • Welcome bag and instructorial hand-out
  • 14 days of residential accomodation (Shared room with another student)
  • Transfer service from the pier
  • Self-understanding program. 85% if this course is experiential
  • Light Breakfast and 2 healthy and nutritious vegan meals a day (lunch and dinner) in All-Inclusive.
  • Certificate of participation and credits towards become a tantra teacher
Module I

28 Days Tantra Teacher Training

Special Early Bird Discount Valid till 30th of June
  • Module II of the TTC course
  • Welcome bag and training manual
  • Learn all theory behing how to structure a class
  • 28 days of residential accomodation (Shared room with another student - upgradable)
  • Set of Music, guided meditations and tantra texts (to support your teaching after the course)
  • Multiorgasmy techniques and awareness in intimacy
  • Optional internship to practice teaching tantra at our main school in Thailand (Valid for 3 years)
  • Certificate as tantra teacher for graduates* 100HR teaching experience are required during the first year
Modules I & II

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