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7 Most Famous Tantra Traditions You Must Want to Know

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October 26, 2018
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Over the centuries, Tantra has been passed from one generation to the other in form of an empirical transmission. It has always been the master’s prerogative to determine the mode and technique of meditation that will help his disciple arouse his awareness, love, inner sensitivity, and fluidity. As a matter of fact, the quality and value of tantra transmission is largely dependent on the level of experience of the tantra teacher. The reason for this is simple; people can only give what they have. The depth and breadth of a master’s experience in tantra traditions and practice will determine how well the disciple will be able to learn and imbibe the teachings. There are quite a number of Tantra traditions that have been transmitted and these are based on the level of skills of one or more tantra masters of the particular lineage. In this article, we will look at the seven most famous traditions of tantra that have been passed down through the lineage.

Tantra Yoga

This tradition is Spartan and masculine oriented. Experts in this tantra tradition utilize yogic disciplines. In some cases, they get involved in a sexual union but are advised not to start a relationship or fall in love. In this tradition, sexual union is utilized like a rocket tool to ascend a keen spiritual state.

Kashmiri Tantra

This tradition honors Shakti and Shiva. It provides an exceptional combination of the feminine pathway of devotion and love with the masculine path of awareness and witness. In this tradition, love is seen as a spiritual path that should be esteemed. There are various methods that are utilized which include the use of sexuality for inner awakening. There are some others that focus on another area of human experiences like mental cognition, subtle spiritual condition, and emotions.

Aghori Tantra

This explores keen spiritual state of mind through special powers of Yogic Siddhis. It offers the inevitability of physical limitations such as death. Many of the practices of this tradition are extreme, like ritual and meditation carried out in burning ghats, in places where dead people are cremated.

Tibetan Buddhist Tantra

This is a distinctive combination of Buddhism, Indian Tantra, and Shamanic Bonn tradition from Saraha lineage. It focuses on the superior excellence of the circle of birth and death, providing in its wake, a glorious thread of supereminence wisdom.

The Baul Mystics

Originating from Bengal, the Baul mystic is a blend of Tantra, elements of Sufi Tradition, and Bhakti, brought together to provide a celebrative path of singing and dancing, which throbs with joy and live wisdom.


Propagated by Osho, it is a term that illustrates Osho’s vision of a world founded on tantra approach to love, spirituality, and life. There are many different experiments that are being conducted under the Neo-Tantra tradition that are different from the vision of Osho.

Taoist or Chinese Tantra

This tradition focuses on the facets of immortality, longevity, and health through breathing techniques, massage, qigong, and sexual union. Experts in such tantra traditions will usually recommend a method of lovemaking and sexual positions to cure health issues.

Tantra is in its renaissance period. The vision is to nurture life in its entirety while embracing human tendency and nature as the superlative interpretation of universal force.

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