What is BioDevelopment

BioDevelopment is platform of self-development based on acceptance that helps to harmonize body and mind by balancing emotions and bringing body awareness using human interactions, music and movement.

BioDevelopment Dance Therapy is a unique system developed in Samma Karuna by Ishi. Intensely lived moments through music and expression are the heart of this dance therapy course. Every session have a profound capacity to transform us and connect us with life.

Subjects covered:

Our BioDevelopment Dance Therapy TTC covers de following subjects:

  • Creating a session (BioDevelopment session – part 1)
  • Behind the scene (BioDevelopment – part 2)
  • Musical being (BioDevelopment Music)
  • Choice and role of music in Therapy Music (semantic of music)
  • Structure of a course (Weekly sessions and workshops)
  • The group and Facilitator’s role (Working with groups)
  • Diagnosis tools (Evaluation criteria of development in BioDevelopment)
  • Ready to go… (Official list of Exercises, Music and Instructions)

      What will your day consist of?

      • 09.00 to 09.20: Compassionate Sharing
      • 09.20 to 10.20: BioDevelopemt Theory (Class structure, Trance States, Music..etc)
      • 10.30 to 12.30: BioDevelopment practice
      • 12.30 to 15.00: Lunch break
      • 15.00 to 15.20: Compassionate Sharing
      • 15.20 to 16.20: BioDevelopment Theory (Self-Development structure, Lines of Development..etc)
      • 16.30 to 18.30: BioDevelopment practice

      The application requirements for our course:

      Pre-requisites to enroll in our BioDevelopment Teacher Training Course are:

      • Previous experience in BioDevelopment practice or other Dance Therapy system.
      • A high level of comfort dancing and engaging in cathartic meditations.
      • A true commitment to learning and motivation to become a BioDevelopment teacher (even if you don't have plans to teach in the near future).
      Also, you must be comfortable with the respectful body contact and hugs that are a common practice around the school.

      You must be able to read, speak, and comprehend English with a satisfactory degree of fluency.


      There is no accommodation included in your course fee but you may choose to stay with us during your BioDevelopment Dance Therapy TTC. We offer a variety of accommodation ranging from dorm accommodation to comforable bungalows with amenities and a sea view.

      Types of Accommodation and upgrading costs based on 5 nights

      TYPE D: Four-bed mix-dorm with A/C (USD +118)
      TYPE C: Standard bungalow with A/C shared with another student. (USD +298)
      TYPE A: Comfortable and spacious bungalow with amenities and sea view (USD +572).

      More information and photographs about accommodation is available by clicking Here If you wish to upgrade your course to include accommodation please contact us by email once you have booked your course.

      Package overview

      • 5 Days of instructions: BioDevelopment Dance Therapy Teacher Training Course
      • Truly exceptional program of training
      • BioDevelopment certificate issued by our school for graduated students
      • Facilitator's hand-book
      • Biodevelopment Music catalog (about 300 songs)
      • Optional Internship at the school for graduated students
      • Daily buffet lunch.

      Cost: 423 US Dollars

      Course Booking:

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      You may book with confidence

      All bookings at our website are fully refundable on the event of COVID-19 travel restrictions. ** Applicable to all bookings from April 24 2020 to any future dates in 2020 and 2021.