Amerai Works as a therapist, facilitator and trainer with established experience in Tantra, Neotantra and Conscious Sexuality.
Amerai accompanies you to connect with your true essence and guides you on a magical and healing journey to the depths of being.

Her method offers a combination of Tantra and Personal Growth Psychotherapy that will transform your life, a comprehensive and holistic path of metamorphosis in which love and awareness facilitate a full awakening to your true potential as a human being.

She offers you her guide along a path already lived, along a path that she knows and in which she gives you her hand.
It accompanies you and invites you to feel the explosion of your heart, unconditional love, internal movement, kundalini awakening, meditation, the fusion of sexual energy with spirituality and sexual healing in all its breadth.

Amerai is characterized by her professionalism, vitality and the ability to be honest, authentic and vulnerable.


Certified Tantra and Conscious Sexuality Instructor at Source School of Tantra Yoga in California by Charles Muir from 2013- 2016.
Certified by the Sky Dancing Tantra School in the 2017-2019 edition in France.
Yoga teacher, Sivananda lineage. Trained with Sivananda Yoga at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Paradise Island (Bahamas) 2016.
Yoga teacher. Formed with Saúl Martínez and Carme Horta from 2014 - 2015.
Certified Inner Child Healing and Codependency Therapist at Learning Love Institute by Krishnananda and Amana. In Italy, Bali and Tarragona.
Certified therapist in Meta Escola de Autoconeixement, combining techniques such as NLP, Hypnosis, Gestalt Therapy and Conscious Breathing 2011 - 2013.
Master in Human Resources: motivation, communication and leadership techniques.
Tantra and Conscious Sexuality Instructor certified in Tantra and Conscious Love by Hari Dass 2012 - 2014.
She has also received teachings from other teachers:
Saúl Martínez. Traditional tantra. Yoga.
Diana and Michael Richardson. Neotantra for couples.
Anubuddha and Anasha. Arún Conscious Touch.
Jutta Kellenberger. Sexual Taoism.
Lama Namkha. Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.
Tulku Lobsang. Tantrayana Buddhist Tantra.
Carmen Enguita and Michel Riu. Alchemical Sexuality II.
Dr. Joe Dispenza. Progressive Course in Sitges.
Margot Anand and Laurent Lacoste. The ecstatic body and sexual healing.
Marta Sanglas. Californian massage, from the Spazio Massage school.
She has participated in various Hara Festivals as teacher and coordinator of the Tantra room, with others teachers.
Her main and only work dedication is through Tantra and personal growth, she teaches group Tantra workshops both mixed and specialized only for men and / or women, as a continuous training of two years, this year being the third edition .
It also offers individual sessions of healing and harmonization through the technology of our own body.
She has given workshops and individual sessions in different cities in Spain, Austria, Costa Rica, Hawaii and Kasahastan.