About Carole


Carole is a psychotherapist and Tantra facilitator who is deeply committed to serving individuals on their path of emotional healing and awakening through mindfulness and loving presence. 

Carole’s own journey of healing and self-development began 7 years ago through the practice of Tantra yoga and meditation. This was the start of her own deep transformative experience, which led her over the years to pursue various trainings in Asia and France focused on both therapy and spiritual development.  In the meantime, she also settled for some years in Thailand, offering women’s circles and Tantra workshops.

She is now trained and experienced in the fields of psychotherapy, kinesiology, Tantra, Tantra Yoga, and mindfulness meditation. 

Whether she is leading a Tantra workshop or working one-on-one with a client, Carole brings her whole heart, creating a safe and nurturing space for transformation and growth.

Currently based in France, she offers individual and couples therapies that integrate the tools of mindfulness, presence, conscious breathing, and conscious communication as found in the path of Tantra. She firmly believes that awareness and presence are key components of any successful healing journey. 

And as Tantra is holding love, presence, and awareness at its core, Carole sees it as an incredible catalyst to healing and awakening by allowing individuals to come closer to their true essence.