Ishi is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher and experienced breathwork facilitator.

Ishi is a seeker, a spiritual guide, tantra and yoga teacher and an energy and breath-worker. He is founder and lead teacher of Samma Karuna. Leading workshops and long trainings for the last 14 years, spreading a message of Loving Presence.

After an awakening experience product of a spinal injury at the age of 29 he has dedicated his life to the path of self discovery, awakening and healing.
Ishi created Tetra breathwork® as a combination of his background in conscious connecting breath and his experience in Tantra for Awakening of the Heart and healing.

He is creator of the BioDevelopment® dance therapy system, the school of contemporary Tantra, the healing technique called R.I.C.H, Samma Karuna So Ham breathwork® and Tetra Breathwork® along with many active meditations and techniques combining breath, movement and expression.

Ishi currently leads the 3 main schools of Samma Karuna (Tantra, Yoga and Breath) and has been teaching on a daily basis since 2013, dedicating his life to his students and Samma Karuna school for the last 10 years.