Leonie ran a psychology practice in the clinical field for 7 years, working as a psychologist together with a team of therapists.
During these years, she combined regular therapy with breathing and meditation exercises to clients who were dealing with depression, fear disorder and PTSD.
She offered couple therapy as well during the last 3 years of running her practice.
Leonise has been practicing and teaching Tantra for about 8 years and combines this with her experience in the therapeutic field and breathwork.

"I see offering tantra as an art, allowing people to flow through the class and adapting the class in the moment." Leonie


* Pyramid Yoga 500hr TTC certified - diploma 2018, Thailand
* Shamanic Tantra teacher training, Bali, Anne Maria Hernmarck - diploma 2017, Bali
* Rebirthing breathwork facilitator training, Chandra Polak - diploma 2016, Thailand
* Foundations of cognitive behavioral therapy, diploma 2014, Netherlands
* EMDR training, level 1 & level 2, diploma 2012, Netherlands. EMDR is a trauma healing technique.
* Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, 3 years training, 'Qing Bai' Amsterdam - diploma 2010, Netherlands
* Svaha yoga Amsterdam, 500hr TTC Vinyasa yoga, 1 year training - 2014 Netherland
* Mindfulness training for healthcare professionals - Diploma 2008
* Bachelor + Master developmental-clinical psychology, Rijks
Universiteit Groningen, 4 year training - diploma 2005 - Netherlands