His journey began in 1996 by practising Kundalini Yoga, followed by a worldwide constant expansion into personal development such as NLP, EFT, Nutrition and Longevity, Life Coaching, and Tantra. He is now a certified Yoga Instructor in Kundalini Yoga (3HO) and recently in Sattva Yoga

Matteo started his exploration into Tantra by studying Classical Tantra with Agama Yoga. He continued his studies to become a facilitator of Tao Tantric Arts, a fusion of Ancient Tao Sexual Arts and Tantra based on the work of Master Mantak Chia (taotantricarts.com). He deepened his knowledge by studying Sexual Shamanism with ISTA (International School of Templets Arts) with whom he is now the organiser for Italy.

He is also a Certified Vegan Raw Food Chef, NLP Master Practitioner, a Belly to Belly facilitator and holds an MBA in Political Sciences. More info at www.matteomorozzo.com