About Patricia


Patricia Udipti is a Breathwork, Meditation and Somatic Practices facilitator.
She started her journey 10 years ago when she was first introduced to active meditation.
It was so transformative for her that few months after she was fully immerse living in a Osho community in Brazil, also a bioenergetics center.
That was just the door for a deep inner exploration and dedication to a life of inner development, creativity and connection.

Patricia has been living in Europe and Asia for the last 8 years, developing her work in conscious expansion and supporting others self-healing journeys.
In Italy and Poland she was teaching and holding space for groups in Osho Active Meditation, as well women’s circles.
Her passion for Yoga that took her to India, where she completed her teacher training course, and it was in India that she experienced for the first time the power of Breathwork.

That changed her life completely!
Patricia developed her knowledge and experience in Koh Phangan, Thailand year after that. Immersing herself in Rebirthing Breathwork, training and assisting, with devotion to the practice.
Was also in Thailand that Tantra became part of her life, which she also hosted sessions and groups later on.
Curious to explore new varieties of Breathwork modalities, Patricia studied and took courses in trauma awareness and Breathwork for nervous system regulation.
Was then that Breathwork and Icebath, and the power of healing cold exposure, got integrated to her offerings.
As well as diving deep into somatic practices and Nervous System reset.
Patricia is founder and teacher of Kenaz Portal that offers retreats for inner transformation.
Her background in breathwork, bioenergetics, active meditation, and tantra are combined to lead groups in magical journeys of inner exploration.

Patricia guides group sessions for Vipassana and Active Meditation, Shamanic Breathwork and Rebirthing Breathwork and Breathwork & Icebath. Apart of 1:1 sessions.