About Us

At Samma Karuna, our purpose is to bring forth our light and contribute to creating a better world. We are actively engaged in learning from each other, staff, residents and volunteers alike.

Our community provides an excellent environment for healing our body and mind. Our non-dogmatic teaching allows us to connect the ancient knowledge of the East, with the most advanced healing techniques from the West, in a simple, objective, rational and practical everyday approach to spirituality and self-development.

A highly-experienced team will help you discover your potential and find happiness in your life. We all have some issues and experience suffering at some point but we believe that we can learn to transform these experiences into a strong foundation, to gain a deep understanding of ourselves and life in general.

Our mission is to cultivate a lifestyle that fosters inner growth and helps people to rediscover meaning and purpose in their lives. We believe that each of us already have everything it takes to create a peaceful, balanced and sustainable existence. All we have to do is renew our relationship with ourselves, our community and our environment.