Event's Application

If you would like to facilitate or teach at our school on a regular basis please fill out the following online form. All applications are carefully evaluated and the information shared is considered strictly confidential.
Our current scheme for facilitators and teachers (not including yoga teachers) is as follows:

1) Independent Teacher Wishing ToRent Facilities

  • Description: Sole teacher renting facilities, the school’s fee varies according of the services contracted by the teacher.
  • Requirements: Pay the school’s fee for using our facilities. Time slot for classes are restricted to outside the usual Awakening & Healing program timetables.
  • References or demo may be required.
  • Benefits: Some benefits may be applicable depending on the scheme selected by the teacher.

2) Samma Karuna Special Events Teacher

  • Description: This role is for teachers that are aligned with the school’s teachings and energy and would like to share their skills with others.
  • Requirements: Interview and approval by the school’s manager.
  • Benefits:
    • No restricted slot for classes.
    • Free access to special events.
    • 25% discount on workshops organized by the school.
    • Non-volunteers are entitled to the same scheme of payment as Samma Karuna yoga teachers during their classes.

Note: Volunteers are not entitled to the payment benefit as they receive the Awakening & Healing program in exchange for hours worked.

3) Samma Karuna Meditation Facilitator

  • Description:This role is reserved for experienced volunteers or people with proven experience in the field. These events are usually run on donation or suggested contribution basis.
  • Requirements:
    • Approval by school’s manager based on experience.
    • Accomplish Samma Karuna’s teachers rules.
  • Benefits:
    • Non-Volunteers are entitled to 50% of the donations collected during their class.

Note: Volunteers are not entitled to this benefit as they receive the Awakening & Healing program in exchange for hours worked.