Pre-Vipassana Courses

At Samma Karuna we love Vipassana Meditation, and Thailand is just perfect place to take a Vipassana retreat. Here you can find just about over 200 Vipassana Centers and retreat. This country is the second in the work with more Vipassana student in the word, just after Vipassana Centers in India.
In Samma Karuna we understand Vipassana as a path of Inner-peace, happiness and ultimate enlightenment. And is out of love for Vipassana that we have created this pre-vipassana retreat for you to take the best benefits of your Vipassana course, weather this is your first course or you are an experience Vipassana student like us.
Running throughout the year, our Pre-Vipassana course uses dynamic, active, dynamic, social and still meditations along with Yoga and Qi-Gong to leave your body and mind just in the perfect place to take the best benefits of a Vipassana retreat. Its our experience that a Pre-Vipassana course will help you to work on “the big stones” before deepening on the subtle world of Vipassana.
As part of this course a senior teacher will meet up with you and tailor our Awakening & Healing course to your particular needs.


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