At Samma Karuna we love Vipassana Meditation, and Thailand is the perfect place to take a Vipassana retreat. Here you can find over 200 Vipassana Centers and retreats. In fact, Thailand surely has more Vipassana students, and Vipassana Centers, than any other country, with the possible exception of India.
In Samma Karuna we understand Vipassana as a path of inner peace, happiness and, ultimately, enlightenment. And it is out of our love for Vipassana that we have created this Pre-Vipassana retreat for you to maximize the benefits of your Vipassana course, whether this is your first course or you are an experienced Vipassana student.
Running throughout the year, our Pre-Vipassana course uses dynamic, active, social and still meditations along with Yoga and Qi-Gong to bring your body and mind into a harmonious balance, enabling you to get the most out of your Vipassana retreat. In our experience, our Pre-Vipassana course helps meditators to work on the bigger stumbling blocks, before deepening into the more subtle world of Vipassana.
As part of this course a senior teacher will meet with you and tailor our Awakening & Healing course to your particular needs.