How to explore Tantra Safely?

tantra safety

The practice of Tantra dated as far back as some five thousand years ago. It is a practice common with the Buddhist and Hindu where they combine mantras, yoga, meditation, and ritual with the sole aim of finding deeper tenderness and connections, and prolong lovemaking with not only their partners but with themselves. This practice can take some years to comprehend and usually requires the help of a dedicated teacher to unravel the complexities involved in studying sexual energy and its application to attain a higher state of consciousness.

The intimate nature of the practice of tantra means it has to be done in private; in a one-on-one session between a guru and a student over a period of time that can run into months or years. The sessions involve the guru teaching the student by passing across their knowledge through a process called lineage. The downside to this training is that there are many unqualified tantra teachers who try to take advantage of their students. Usually, the practice of tantra sometimes lead to the cultivation of a relationship between the guru and the student, and it is very easy for the unscrupulous teachers to manipulate their students, especially new students or those who have suffered a prior abuse. Some teachers go as far as threatening the safety of their victims and holding them to sworn secrecy.

It is, therefore, crucial to look for a certified tantra teacher in order to explore safe tantra. There are many benefits that come with learning from a teacher that is certified by Tantra Federation. In other words, to be sure that you are safe in the hands of your teacher, you might want to request to see their tantra certificate to be sure that they are indeed certified. A certified tantra teacher will not take advantage of their students. Certified Tantra teachers only facilitate the learning; the student does the major work. Before you settle for a tantra guru, try to do a proper research. Get in touch with the current students of the tantra teacher and get an informed opinion about the teacher or the school before you enroll. You might have to talk with more than two people; speak with as many students as you can to be sure that you are getting unbiased opinions about the teacher.

Also, before you finally make a decision about the teacher to help you explore tantra in a safe way, speak with the teacher first. This will help you get a good feel of who the teacher is and the kind of service they offer. Finally, do not go into tantra training with an empty head; read about the practice before you start your exploration. By reading more about the practice, you are equipped with the knowledge of what safe tantra is all about and you will be able to identify the red flags when the teacher is trying to manipulate or take advantage of you.

At Samma Karuna, tantra practice is always safe. Our tantra instructors are licensed and have been certified by Tantra Federation, so you can be sure that exploring tantra with us is as safe as it can be.


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