Can I get a refund of my deposit for a course?

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On some cases, such as for Yoga Teacher Training and Tantra Teacher Training course we ask you for a deposit to secure your spot at the course.

This deposit is meant to be a “warranty” of your commitment to take the course. Therefore deposits for courses are non-refundable but the amount paid is transferable to another person at any time; however SAMMA KARUNA reserves the right to refuse admission in case we find the person you are transferring your deposit is not fit to attend the course.

For more information about refunds and cancellations you may visit this link: https://www.sammakaruna.org/refund-and-cancellation-policy/

You may book with confidence

All bookings at our website are fully refundable on the event of COVID-19 travel restrictions. ** Applicable to all bookings from April 24 2020 to any future dates in 2020 and 2021.