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Osho Active Meditations

Understand yourself better

Consciousness must be pushed down to the source, to the roots. Only then is there the possibility of transformation. So I use a chaotic method to push consciousness from the brain. And whenever you are in chaos the brain stops working, it cannot work. OSHO

At Samma Karuna Thailand Branch in Koh Phangan we offer daily OSHO Active Meditations. These meditations are aligned with our Awakening and Healing program so each week working with different elements we offer different types of meditations.


Active meditations are meditations in motion where the practitioner before going into stillness does different kind of movements and  breathing. Active meditations are especially benefitial for those who have a hard time sitting still in a traditional meditation setting.

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At our school you can practice and experience

·       Osho Dynamic Meditation, daily at 7 am

·       Osho Kundalini meditation

·       Osho Nadabrahma meditation

·       Osho Chaka Breathing meditation

·       Osho Nataraj meditation

·       Osho Gourishankar meditation

·       Osho No Mind meditation


·       Osho No Dimension meditation

“So to me, meditation is not only a salvation for the individual – a transformation for the individual – but of a greater significance. It can be a groundwork for transformation of the whole society, the whole human being as such. Either man will have to commit suicide, or he will have to transform himself.” OSHO

More information, times and dates about this and other practices is available by downloading our  calendar of activities