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Osho Dynamic Meditation

Practice the art of remaining a witness

Remain a witness. Don’t get lost. It is easy to get lost. While you are breathing you can forget: you can become one with the breathing so much that you can forget the witness. But then you miss the point. Breathe as fast, as deep as possible, bring your total energy to it, but still remain a witness. Observe what is happening as if you are just a spectator, as if the whole thing is happening to somebody else, as if the whole thing is happening in the body and the consciousness is just centered and looking. This witnessing has to be carried in all the three steps. And when everything stops, and in the fourth step you have become completely inactive, frozen, then this alertness will come to its peak.” OSHO


Osho Dynamic meditation is one of the most famous active meditations created by Osho. This meditation aims to move stagnant energy and break conditioned patterns in the body-mind that keeps one imprisoned in the past. This is a fast and intense meditation that allows the practitioner to experience the freedom, the witnessing, silence and peace that are hidden behind those prison walls.


Dynamic meditation is meant to be done in the early morning, when “the whole of nature becomes alive, the night has gone, the sun is coming up and everything becomes conscious and alert.”


Though this meditation can be done alone, but the best is to do with the group. This is one of those meditations that the practitioner should do constantly to feel the healing. It should be done at least 2 or 3 weeks without a break. As Osho described; “It takes time – at least three weeks are needed to get the feel of it, and three months to move into a different world. But that too is not fixed. It differs from individual to individual. If your intensity is very great, it can even happen in three days.”

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Dynamic Meditation consists of 5 stages.

1st stage: BREATHING!

Rapidly in and out through the nose, let the breathing be intense and chaotic. The breath should move deeply into the lungs. Breathe vigorously and change the rhythm. Do this as totally as you possibly can, without tightening up your body.  Continue on, until you literally become the breathing, allowing breath to be chaotic. Avoid a repetitive or systematic breath pattern. Once your energy is building, it will begin to move your body. Allow these body movements to be there. Use them to raise even more energy. Moving your arms and body in a natural way will help your energy to rise. Feel your energy building up.


Be total, give everything and never slow down.          




2nd stage: EXPLODE!

Let your body take over. Loose control. Give your body freedom to express, whatever is there. Let go of everything that needs to be thrown out. Go totally mad. …Sing, scream, laugh, shout, cry, jump, shake, dance, kick, and throw yourself around. Hold nothing back, keep your whole body moving. A little acting often helps to get you started. Never allow your mind to interfere with what is happening. Remember to be total with your body.                 


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3rd stage: JUMP!

Shoulders and neck relaxed, raise both arms high above the head without locking the elbows. With raised arms, jump up and down shouting the mantra HOO…HOO…HOO HOO…HOO….from the bottom of your belly. Jump in such a way, that you land on the flats of your feet, and the heels touch the ground. Each time you land on your feet, let the sound hammer deep into the sex center. Give all you have. Exhaust yourself completely.                            


4th stage: STOP!!

Wherever you are, in whatever position you find yourself. Remain silent just like a rock. In that moment of silence and stoppage, energy will be there. Don’t arrange the body in any form, a cough, a movement, anything will dissipate the energy flow and your effort will be lost. Be a witness to everything that is happening to you.               


5th stage: CELEBRATE!…


Express whatsoever is there, dance, move, enjoy!

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Benefits of Dynamic Meditation

  • Release Emotional Blockages
  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Reduces stress
  • Expand the Lung Capacity
  • Helps with addictions
  • Benefit Cardiovascular Health
  • Body and Mind purification
  • Increases the longevity and resilience
  • Improves concentration

Osho Dynamic Meditation is available to general public by purchasing our daily pass available at our Welcome Center.  

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