Samma Karuna AUM Meditation

Feel more energetic, alive and empowered

Samma Karuna AUM meditation is a multi-dimensional Meditation that helps you to sink into a space of deep warmth and relaxation. The pillars of this meditation are Awareness, Understanding and Meditation.

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This dynamic cathartically meditation will lead to the exploration of every facet of a human being and will help you to reconnect and balance your emotions, harmonize the energy in your body,
increase your awareness levels, bring healing to the body and the mind and help you to recognize the divine presence within ourselves. A presence that transcends thought and sensations.


We all hold inside us all types of feelings and emotions. Being human is like being a vessel that keeps inside anger, fears, love, sexuality, compassion, playfulness, etc.

This practice can help you to go deep into your inner world to explore all of those sides of being a human. And we will do it through interaction with others.

This practice contains many stages, which take you from one polarity to another through catharsis, dance, bio-dynamic exercise and encounters. It is a great unburdening, as you will experience releasing everything unwanted in your chaotic body-mind and come to a point of ease and peace with yourself. In this space, it is easy to know your true nature.

The release of stress and pent-up feelings gives you a sense of clarity and freedom, and the active stages leave you feeling more energetic, alive and empowered. This is a multi-dimensional Meditation that celebrates love and friendship and helps you to sink into a space of deep warmth and relaxation.


This is the most intense practice of all Samma Karuna meditations. It has 15 stages and lasts about 3,5 hours. 

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This meditation is inspired by the work of OSHO with the AUM Marathon and Veeresh of Humaniveristy with his AUM

We have Samma Karuna AUM meditation each month only once and we do strongly recommend trying it at least once. There is always a free demo class before this meditation.


More information, times and dates about this and other practices is available by downloading our  calendar of activities.