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Tantra Sacred Hug Meditation

Connect your hearts

When someone hugs you with all their heart and presence, you feel it. When someone takes your hands in mindfulness, with their presence, their concern, you feel it. So, hug like that—make life real and deep. It will heal both of you. When we’re mindful and present, hugging has a deep power to heal and transform.” Thich Nhat Hanh

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Tantra Sacred Hug Practice is a traditional Tantra practice of Samma Karuna. When we hug with presence and heart we reconnect with ourselves and others in a deep and meaningful way. During this tantric practice we learn and experience how to transform a regular hug into a sacred practice that allow us to recognize and honour the heart and presence of the other person. Hugging in this way allow us to recognize and cultivate the divine light, pure goodness side in ourselves, as well as to recognize this energy in others. 

Hugging with presence also helps us to understand and feel that we are not separate beings. This sacred practice can bring healing, understanding, and joy.

Tantra Sacred Hug Practice benefits

  • Reduce stress
  • Decreases depression.
  • Increases joy.
  • Reduce fears.
  • Increases the ability to communicate with others.



This practice is suitable for both experienced and beginner tantric practitioners.
It is also suitable for couples or solo practitioners.



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