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Tantra Shower of Love Meditation

See light in each other and within yourselve

Tantra Shower of love meditation is designed by Ishi, the founder of the school. This is a very deep and heart opening meditation that is connected with the power of vulnerability. 

What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful’.

Remember that “it is not happy people who are thankful, but it is thankful people who are happy”. In this love tantric meditation, we explore the art of seeing light in each other and within ourselves as a true path for self-realization and a more thankful and happy life. 

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This meditation is also about giving and receiving as they work together. This is the universal low of energy flow for the dynamic exchange. In order to receive, one must be a giver. Giving is about outflow and receiving is about inflow. The most important thing about giving and receiving is keeping the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.


Tantra shower of love meditation is suitable for both experienced and beginner practitioners. It is also suitable for couples or solo practitioners. 

 It is important to practice Samma Karuna meditations regularly to ensure maximum benefits. 



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