Therapy Dance Teacher Training

What you can expect from the courses

Life Transforming Experiences

Intensely lived moments through music and expression are at the heart of Therapy Dance sessions. They have a profound capacity to transform us and connect us with life.

Learning With Body, Heart And Mind

Therapy Dance is meant to be integrative - it supports you to bring "what you dance” into “how you live”.

During The Course You Will Develop Your Understanding Of:

  • Theory and methodology of Therapy Dance
  • Your own ability to experience healing by deep experiential exercises based on meditation, music and movement.
  • Your ability to demonstrate the exercises to others.
  • Your poetic enunciation (or introduction) of exercises with imagery, words, poetry etc.
  • Your choice of music and understanding of how music impacts a group process.
  • Your design of a class on the correct gradient and sequence for participants.
  • Your observation and reading of the group and individual reactions to exercises or the class.

Applicable Areas

Therapy dance can be offered in such diverse settings as schools, companies, clinics, social projects, dance studios and even in some universities.

About The Teacher:

Ishi has 8 years experience of different music therapy backgrounds and facilitating internationally a wide spectrum of disciplines including Tantra, Taoism (Mantak Chia), Biodanza & meditations.

Passionate about therapy dance, Ishi has trained with some of the most recognized teachers around the world such us Margarita Karger (Spain), Diane Sparks (UK), Veronica Toro & Raul Terren (Argentina).



  • Creating a session (Therapy Dance session – part 1)
  • Behind the scene (Therapy Dance – part 2)
  • Musical being (Therapy Dance Music)
  • Choice and role of music in Therapy Music (Musical Semantic)
  • Structure of a course (Weekly sessions and workshops)
  • The group and Facilitator's role (Working with groups)
  • Diagnosis tools (Evaluation criteria of development in Therapy Dance)
  • Ready to go… (Official list of Exercises, Music and Instructions)
Cost: 9000 baht.

Booking online 5% discount.
Advance booking is required.

Duration: 4 days Upcoming dates: See upcoming event calendar Timetable: 9:00am – 12:00pm
3:30pm – 6:00pm

Therapy Dance Teacher Training with online promotion | 275 USD