Tetra Breathwork


Breath of Compassion

Tetra breathwork (also called Awakening Breath), is a therapeutic tantric breathing practice that uses breath for healing and awakening. By following a specific breathing pattern our mind gradually enters a subtly different state of consciousness and a natural healing system is activated in the body. This type of breath, developed at Samma Karuna by Ishi and based on the circular breath, may bring both healings to our body and the experience of spiritual awakening. 


Tetra breathwork is a breath of compassion (Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means compassion). This technique aims to release the energetic blockages by this allowing the natural healing process to happen.

Tetra Breathwork is based on 2 pillars: breath and awareness. Throughout
the therapy, awareness accompanies the process of breathing. The healing comes
from allowing the sensation to be there.


In life when we face a problems or challenges, many times we contract and block
our system. Tetra breath pumps the energy to the system that opens the pathways
(nadis) and releases the blockages. What may happen is that during this
breathwork some emotions rise, sometimes not very pleasant, and it is very
important to let them be and do not block them again.

Tetra breathwork is a process of breathing with awareness and compassion. Whatever emotion raises, we accept them and we develop compassion towards ourselves. Karuna (awareness) breath is compassion in action, if we don’t practice compassion for ourselves, we can’t have compassion for others.

Awareness is a fundamental part of this breathwork. If we breathe without awareness it is like sailing blindly. 

Rebirthing Ishi 4

Awareness redirects the energy to the areas that need to be open. The patterns, speed, energy curve the relaxation stages of breath. When we say awareness is fundamental, we highlight the fact that we just watch it. It’s not conditional watching, it’s just being there with awareness and accepting whatever comes, without any expectation or conditioning. Let go of the idea of what should happen!

Tetra breathwork benefits

– Activates the body’s natural healing system

– Spiritual awakening

– Stress reduction

– Eases the anxiety and tension

– Releases depression and anxiety 

– Removes the energy blockages

– Balances mind, body, and emotions.

– Activates Manipura and Anahata chakras

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