Vipassana Meditation

See things as they really are


Vipassana means “Insight,” a clear awareness of exactly what is happening as it happens. Vipassana meditation is the practice of observing the subtle sensations throughout the body without reacting to them. The meditator scans the body with their attention, noticing the sensations that arise and just watching them. If a sensation is pleasurable or uncomfortable, the meditator simply observes them and lets them pass.

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In Vipassana meditation, the meditator uses concentration to increase awareness, which can bring Liberation. Liberation is the goal of all Buddhist systems of practice.

In Samma Karuna we offer a daily free Vipassana meditation practice at 7:15 am at our branch in Koh Phangan (available Monday to Saturday).  Samma Karuna Vipassana meditation practice is suitable both for experienced as well as new meditators. Short guidance will be given at the beginning of every practice. 

This is a 4 week free guided Vipassana program where Instructions for meditation will be changing every week.

                                                                     i.         Anapana Week

                                                                   ii.         Sensations Week

                                                                  iii.         Vulnerability Week


                                                                  iv.         Surrendering Week

Vipassana Meditation Benefits

Several researches has been conducted for Vipassana and they found that practicing Vipassana for some period of time has many benefits. Here are some of them:

However, research has found that Vipassana offers the following benefits:

·       Relieves stress

·       Reduces anxiety

·       Improves mental wellness

·       Promotes brain plasticity

·       Helps treat addiction

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More information, times and dates about this and other practices is available by downloading our  calendar of activities.