Volunteer with us

Thank you for considering joining with us at Samma Karuna Thailand, International School of Awakening.

Please fill in the following form to submit your application as volunteer. All applications are carefully evaluated and the information shared is considered confidential.

Attention: This is a full commitment volunteering experience for budget travelers that are strongly committed to work proactively and in a team. You will be spending most of your day at the school either working on yourself or helping at the school.

If you would like more time free during the day, or you are currently experiencing some issues or challenges in your life, we highly recommend you attend first as a regular student. You will still be able to volunteer in the activities at times that you prefer, without restrictions, and you will also receive extra support and guidance on the program.

  • Please consider as part of your application process you will have to watch our online training video (about 1 hour and 30 minutes long), understand it and pass an online exam based on this video to be considered as volunteer

  • Volunteering application may take between 10 and 14 days to be procesed.