5 mistakes to avoid during yoga teacher training

Yoga teacher training

You may be a yoga beginner or have been involved in the practice of yoga teacher training for a very long time, but do you know you are not immune to mistakes? These mistakes are often caused by our inability to pay rapt attention to what we are engaged in, even when we are guided. One funny thing is that we may not even realize our mistakes. Especially when they become habitual, and sometimes we end up inflicting injuries on ourselves or others.

Nevertheless, practicing yoga consciously will present you with the opportunity to constantly polish your practice and discover some of your mistakes. You can also make amendments/adjustments, and improve your yoga knowledge and understanding.

Avoid these mistakes during yoga teacher training

Below are some mistakes associated with yoga teacher training and tips to fix them.

Unfocused mind

There’s a saying that “yoga takes us into the present moment where life exists”, yet we remain unfocused sometimes. An unsteady mind is a nastiest and poorest companion one can have during yoga. The more distracted one is, the more challenging each asana becomes to him/her.

The best way to fix this is by getting your mind focused on what you’re doing. Close your eyes, concentrate on your body sensations, posture, stretching muscles, and breathing.

Comparing with other yogis

One of the biggest challenges that people face during yoga practices is the comparison. They often have the urge to open their eyes during a pose to see if the people next to them are performing better or worse than them.

To fix this issue, bear in mind that yoga is a way of life and not a competition. It stands to enhance your life so much. Closing your eyes during yoga is a sure way of not having the reason to compare yourself with other yogis.

Not remembering to breathe

Forgetting to breathe during an asana is not just a mistake, but an expensive one. This is often done in the process of making a challenging pose right. And making you feel tired and dizzy easily is one of its major implications.

To overcome this challenge, ensure you pay rapt attention to your breathing during an asana. Also, making counts of your breathing helps you master your breathing pattern.

Straining yourself

Straining your body is another mistake you must avoid during yoga teacher training. Yogis often end up in inflicting injuries on themselves after ignoring their body’s warning signs.

The best solution is to be attentive to your body in any case.

Missing warm-up and cool-down sessions

A lot of yogis are guilty of rushing into yoga practices without any warm-up exercise. Warm up exercises send ideas of what you will put your body through to it. It also helps in increasing circulation of blood and loosening of tensed muscles.

The best solution to avoid this kind of mistakes is to try a few warm-up and cool-down exercises. The cool-down part of yoga training will help your body in assimilating the usefulness of the day’s training.


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