My Spiritual Awakening happened in the heart of New York City.
I was in my early 30s, at the height of my career in the music and media industry. I was making fists loads of cash, living in an upscale Manhattan condo, eating out at the best restaurants and living what I thought was the American dream.
That dream died when my beloved father told me he was going to die. He had fatal disease, ALS, also known as Lou Gherig’s disease.
A di-ease that would completely paralyze his body until he could no longer walk, eat, speak or breath. Sadly his mind and brain would remain sharp as a tack. My father’s loving spirit became a prisoner in the shell of his decaying body. This is the nature of ALS,
Lou Gehrig’s disease. At the young age of 63 he died. It was then that I realized there was more to life than a big paycheck and a flashy lifestyle. I was lost and confused.
But one thing I knew for sure. It was time to find my true spirit. I left my job and the big city lights and focused solely on my soul.
My journey took me far across the globe and into my soul. My pains and struggles were the very catalysts to my spiritual awakening. And awaken I did, with spirit awakened,
I realized I must teach others how cope with loss and stress, how to wake up and live!