How to boost your immune system during yoga teacher training in Koh Phangan?

yoga teacher training in Koh Phangan

What exactly do you know is an immune system? An immune system is an inimitable network of substitute-systems comprising of the cells and the organs. The sole aim of an immune system is often to protect the human’s body from intruders or attackers. These intruders or attackers often bring about long-term or immediate damages to one or many parts of the body. The immune system is the chief and only defense the body has got and needs to be protected too, even during a yoga teacher training in Koh Phangan.

Yoga teacher training in Koh Phangan

For years now, yoga teacher training in Koh Phangan has been in existence. The benefits of its existence can never be overemphasized. Starting from its ability to refresh and relax the minds and bodies of many yogis, to its ability to improve their sexual lives. It also helps in enriching people’s facial and skin appearances. Although, there are challenges faced by yogis, the benefits of yoga seem to overshadow the challenges that come to their path.

Your diet and immune system

There is a popular adage that “we are what we eat.” This goes down to say that the efficiency of a person’s immune system is determined by his or her diet practices. Every food that passes through your mouth has the ability to improve or negatively affecting your immune system. The negative effect of the food on the immune system reduces its ability to protect the body against invaders.

A lot of people see the idea of boosting their immune systems as a tedious and impossible one. But is it really like they think? Below are some tips to help you boost your immune system during yoga teacher training in Koh Phangan;

Adjust your diet practices

This is the first step to take. Quit skipping breakfasts because they are the first foods to enter the body and be processed. Processed and greasy foods shouldn’t be your choice during breakfast. Wheat grains, oats, honey, yogurt, pomelo, and berries are available to choose from.

Avoid skipping lunch and dinners too. Food ingredients like black pepper, garlic, thyme, rosemary, oregano, fish and other seafoods help a lot to boost immune systems. So, ensure your diets contain them in moderate quantity.

Take supplements

Do you know it is highly recommended to regularly take supplements while trying to boost your immune system? This is because your body will never get all the nutrients it needs from the foods you eat. It is also advisable to take natural supplements since they are far from having side effects. Example of needed supplements is Multivitamins.

Live a healthy sex life

There is no definitive study concerning the real effects of a lively sex life of an individual’s immune system. But many studies strongly suggest that having sex at least twice a week saves one from being prone to infectious diseases. This is true in the presence of safe sex and absence of an STD.

While trying to boost your immune system, abstain from;

  • Drinking in excess
  • Smoking
  • Recreational drugs like heroine, methamphetamine, cocaine, etc.
  • Abuse of prescribed drugs
  • Junk foods containing preservatives, animal fat in excess, and other unnatural additives
  • High level of unnecessary stress
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