Importance of Skin brushing for body detox in Koh Phangan

skin brushing for detox

There has been a belief that the skin is the largest of all the excretory organs present in the human body. It takes the duty of covering the human’s body and protecting other organs of the body. It is also referred to as the third kidney because of its ability to get rid of dirty toxins. This means that close to a quarter of a human’s body detoxification procedure is handled by the skin. Before having a body detox in Koh Phangan, it is best to carry out dry skin brushing. Dry skin brushing stands to be an easy and effective way of eliminating toxins from the body.

Body detox in Koh Phangan

Body detox in Koh Phangan is recommended for any individual who is in dire need to cleanse his or her body. This process helps to eliminate toxins, acids, parasites, chemicals, mucus and other unhealthy substances from the individual’s body. One amazing fact about detoxification is that it helps obstructed cells to start functioning. It also provides the body with a chance to renew marred cells. Body detoxification can be done after dry skin brushing.

What is involved in the dry brush method?

Dry skin brushing isn’t a hard task. Over a thousand years, this practice has been carried out by the ancient Greeks, American Indians, and the Japanese. This action involves the use of dry corncobs in brushing off dead skin cells from the human’s body. As time went on, the use of other materials with the ability to slough off dead cells came into existence.

To do this, you start from brushing the feet upward to the legs, then to your abdomen. The movement is then extended towards the heart, then to the arms, neck, and back. Ensure you don’t brush your face while doing this, and the brushing should be done in a circular and slow motion. This is recommended to be done in the morning – before or after taking your bath. Always take at least 5 glasses of water after every dry skin brushing.

Tools needed for dry skin brushing

The tools needed include a gentle pumice stone, gloves, loofah sponges, washcloths, or a long-handled bristle brush. A brush with a long handle will allow you access/brush all parts of your body.

How long should I do dry skin brushing?

Dry skin brushing is recommended to last for at least 7 minutes daily. This daily practice should be carried out at least 5 times a week. This practice can cause one’s skin to be susceptible to bacteria, as well as irritation. To avoid such during dry skin brushing, avoid rubbing/brushing your skin for too long.

Who can carry out dry skin brushing?

Certainly, anyone can embrace this kind of skin cleansing. On the other hand, individuals with skin irritations, severe acne, and skin allergies are advised to keep away from brushing. If you’re not sure, please visit your doctor and seek his or her advice.

Reasons for dry skin brushing

This practice is good for an individual’s health, improving his or her appearance. Just like a body detox in Koh Phangan, this practice is less expensive, relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating.


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