Juice Cleansing Program in Thailand

juice cleansing program

The Juice Cleansing Program in Thailand is designed for everyone. No doubt, the health benefits of the cleansing program are endless. It is a general knowledge that we run a fast-paced lifestyle where we want everything as fast as possible to cope up with our busy schedule. On a daily basis, we load up the digestive system with fast food and unhealthy choices of foods that build up toxins in the body. It is practically impossible to give the body the necessary breaks to restore and replenish itself. With our busy schedule and lifestyle, many people find it hard to take a break and give the body the time to rid itself of the build-up toxins. Unfortunately, no one can perform optimally in this situation. If you want to function at your best, it is very important that you take a break and rejuvenate yourself with Juice Detox in Thailand.

Why do I need Juice Cleansing Program in Thailand?

Juice Cleansing Program in Thailand is designed to revitalize your digestive, hormonal, and nervous systems while boosting your levels of energy, metabolism, and improving your immune system. Not only these, it also helps with your weight loss. An active Detox and cleansing program effectively rid the body of free radicals, toxins, and helps to slow down the aging process. When going through this program, you will also experience a rejuvenation of your skin and the restoration of your lost glow. The Juice Detox in Thailand is what you need to restore the functioning of your body system to its best.

The Juice Cleansing Program in Thailand Approach

To start up your Juice Cleansing program in Thailand with Samma Karuna, we will take you through a health assessment and fitness test to evaluate your body’s preparedness for the program. We will also have a one on one Detox induction program with you to intimate you with the process and what you should expect during the program. At this stage, your Smoothies and Juice Detox in Thailand will commence. The program is made up of raw food meal plan covering juice and smoothie for breakfast, raw vegetable for lunch, and soups, coconut water, and juices for dinner on a daily basis all through your program. During the program, you will also receive daily natural nutritional supplements, natural probiotic, cleansing drinks of psyllium and herbs, and natural liver cleanse drink. You will also be required to engage in the various classes, workshops, and private sessions all through the program. This will distract you from food cravings and hunger and also increase your energy level. At the end of your Detox program, there will be an evaluation process and a discussion on how to maintain a healthy diet after your Juice Detox in Thailand.

Juice Cleansing Program at Samma Karuna

There are great benefits that come with going through your Juice Cleansing Program in Thailand with Samma Karuna. We are an International School of Awakening and Healing, and Yoga Retreat Centre in Thailand and we offer various programs to help individuals live a more fulfilled and happier life. Our programs include Awakening & Healing, Yoga Teacher Training, and Detox.


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