Luca De Santis is a seeker, a healer and an energy and breath worker. He leads many spiritual retreats and experiential workshops across the globe spreading a message of Loving Presence.

His attraction to Spirituality, Meditation and Not Ordinary State of Being started at a very young age. He met his first spiritual teacher at age 16 and made his first journey overland to India at 23. While travelling with Sadhus, Prem Luca met Osho in 1980. This encounter completely changed his life, and it was Osho who named him Prem Luca, meaning Enlightened through Love.

He followed Osho into the community in Oregon and again in Pune. When Osho left his body he moved to Koh Phangan to learn Tai Chi Chuan. He was first introduced to Breathwork through Stan Grof and his staff’s teachings on Holotropic Breathwork. Subsequently he got certified as a Rebirthing breath-worker with Leonard Orr – the founder of the world-wide Rebirthing Breathwork movement. Since then he has been leading ‘Awareness Breath workshops’ for almost 20 years. He also worked with a Native American Elder, Manitonquat-Medicine Story till he left his body in 2018 spreading the message of ‘the Circle way’. After several years of travelling through Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil, he now devotes himself to leading Darkness Meditation Retreats and workshops of awareness breath, sweat lodges, vision quests and spiritual support.