Most Famous Osho Quotes about Life and Living

OSHO Quotes

Human nature is filled with anxiety and negativity, a difficult phase which exists in most consciences. Yoga, meditation is a common practice of relieving the mind of these facets. Spiritual extraordinaire Osho redefined the art of meditation; he challenged the notion of it being more than just a practice. For Osho meditation stemmed from one’s inner self, a state of awareness which has to be active at every moment. His form of reflection goes beyond the norm, relieving a person from the mechanical workings bound by belief and hope. Osho’s version of meditation is about inclusivity, not exclusivity – it’s freeing the mind not binding it to artificial things. Osho quotes actually showcase to live life to the fullest, rather than just talk about living it.

Osho QuotesFinding the right balance between body and mind

One of Osho’s quotes states that life is about finding the perfect balance between rest and movement and letting go of one’s ego. Osho’s notion of how to meditate and cleanse the body ruffled a few feathers in the earlier days. He was against the usual form of meditating in the erect stature and holding the spine and head up in a straight line. According to him, this was just an act and not the real way to let one’s body and mind go. Yes, it may be fine posture wise but this way a person is not letting the conscience challenge itself. If one relaxes and let goes of the mind and negative thoughts the real way then everything else will flow on its own – this is the Osho way of meditating.

Enlightening the soul

According to the maestro himself, meditation should not be an act but it should be an individual’s enlightenment. One should know the difference between darkness and daylight in a more spiritual manner. It is about the inner working of the human soul, a bare soul does not necessarily mean it is devoid of everything. On the contrary, a bare soul is more elated and enlightened not empty. Osho’s quote mentions of letting go of one’s inhibitions as well. It is ok to sing out loud from time to time, do dance spontaneously; one doesn’t need a reason to do things all the time. Celebrating spontaneity is also a celebration of the mind.

Being alone is a powerful journey

In many ways, Osho quotes reflect that each person has their own individual journey of meditation. One has to go down this path themselves, there is no ‘us’ here, just a sole bearer, it is about self-discovery and the joy of being by himself. It is about understanding one’s mind, the highs and lows of it for then only does one get to be aware of how far the mind can really go. Then gradually this awareness trickles down to light the soul and the being.


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