Neotantra, Navatantra or Tantric sex?

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December 5, 2018
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May 22, 2019

Navatantra, Neotantra or tantric sex has become the contemporary and western version of Tantra. It is usually related with novel religious movements. This variation entails both the modern Western and New Age elucidations of the traditional Buddhist and Hindu Tantra. Many of the proponents of the tantric sex refer to the traditional and ancient principles and texts of tantra and some others utilize Tantra as a general phrase for what is popularly referred to as sacred sexuality. There are many tantra practitioners who incorporate this unorthodox tradition into their practice. It is essential to mention that not every of the component of Indian tantric traditions and practices are utilized in neo-tantra, specifically, the dependence on a guru.

With the growth in the interest surrounding Tantra in the West, the perception of the practice has deviated significantly from the original Tantric traditions. Tantra was perceived as something like an ecstasy cult which combines spirituality and sexuality to alter the western attitudes to sex. As a result of this, a lot of contemporary readers of Tantra now see it as being synonymous with sacred sexuality or spiritual sex. This is based on the ideology that sex should be seen as a consecrated act that has the ability to elevate the participants to the higher plane of spirituality.

Among the practitioners of this approach to Tantra is John George Woodroffe, whose pseudonym was Arthur Avalon. Woodroffe was a British Orientalist who has developed works that have helped the West let loose a strong and deep interest in the Yogic practices and Hindu philosophy. He studied Hindu and Sanskrit philosophy and dedicated ample time in Hindu Tantra. Woodroffe has to his credit, the translation of some twenty Sanskrit texts which he translated from their original forms and published. He was a prolific lecturer on a wide range of Tantra and Yoga topics, as well as Indian philosophy.

There is also Pierre Bernard who was a leading American yogi, occultist, mystic, scholar, philosopher, and a businessman. He asserted that he had traveled to Bengal and Kashmir before he founded Tantrik Order of America in the year 1905. He later extended to a wide chain of tantric clinics in locations like Philadelphia, Cleveland, New York City, and Chicago. Pierrie Bernard is famous for being the first American to initiate the practices and philosophy of Tantra and yoga to the Americans.

There is also Guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who was later referred to as Osho. He combined his variation of Tantra with bio-energy, massage, breathing techniques, and yoga among practitioners in his ashram. Osho is the author of various books on Buddhism, Taoism, mysticism, and meditation. He has more than six books on Tantra. His students have continued to develop on his theories.

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