9 Tantra Workshops in Thailand for 2024: Which are the best?

best tantra workshops in thailand

Tantra has undoubtedly become a hot topic in the last few years. More and more people are looking for Tantra workshops and courses all around the world. Fascinated by century-old spiritual teachings, many decide to go the extra mile and become certified Tantra teachers to begin hosting Tantra sessions and seminars.

In the wake of such renovated enthusiasm, many Tantra schools and centres have sprung up, offering Tantra workshops in Thailand and abroad. At a closer look, where does all this hype on Tantra come from?

Following its “rediscovery” by the spiritual seekers of the 60s, many practitioners have found in Tantra’s life-celebrating principles a breeding ground for their unconstrained beliefs.

tantra workshops are becoming very popular

The absence of strict dogmas has attracted many yogis in search of a more indulgent conception of life that worships creation in all its forms.

Some have shifted from more stringent philosophies or have integrated them in a long-sought balance between will-power and acceptance, discipline and celebration, awareness and presence.

To be completely honest, we cannot deny part of its popularity is due to the sexual-oriented (mis)interpretation of Tantric teachings. Despite the controversial appeal it might have on some, there is much more to Tantra than sex.

celebrate pleasure

Those who attend Tantra workshops with the expectation of learning some special tricks to experience multiple orgasms or 8-hour-long lovemaking might be barking up the wrong tree.

It’s very important to avoid misunderstandings in this field. To clear up any doubt, please read the section below to understand the relationships between Tantra and sexuality.

If you want to find out more on this ancient philosophy, debunk any misconceptions on its real meaning, and unlock the full potential of life energy, you have come to the right place.

tantra workshops in thailand

At Samma Karuna, we propose a selection of the best Tantra workshops for couples or singles, seminars and Teacher Training courses.

If you need a break from your city life and want to dive into the magic world of spirituality, come join a Tantra workshop in Thailand on the stunning island of Koh Phangan.

Continue reading for our offering of the best Tantra workshops.

What is Tantra (for us)

At Samma Karuna, we believe it’s fundamental to understand the real message delivered by Tantra, a concept often wrapped in an esoteric aura. Both advanced practitioners and those who are just approaching the spiritual world find a great deal of interest in the gentle and joyful approach to life of Tantra.

If you haven’t done so already, please read our article What is Tantra for a detailed insight on the authentic meaning of this life-changing philosophy.

On this occasion, we will just highlight a few key points that we reckon essential to avoid confusion. Without digging too deep into the origins of Tantra, today we regard Tantra as an approach to life that celebrates presence, accepting and loving existence as it is, in every moment of our life.

There is nowhere to go, no goal to reach. This very moment is the utmost expression of the divine essence that runs through every being. Life is an amazing gift, which we should always be grateful for, honouring every bit of it.

tantra is the way of the heart

Far from the rigorous dogmas imposed by other philosophies, Tantra encourages establishing a meaningful connection with yourself and others. To understand your own desires and boundaries as well as other people’s, you need to learn how to connect to your heart.

Instead of activating the mind and getting trapped into self-judgement and overthinking, just listen to your heart, it knows the way. Tantra is the way of the heart triumphing over the limited dominion of the mind. It is a way to transcend the ego and connect to our divine essence.

When you talk, talk from your heart, when you listen, listen with your heart, when you love, love through your heart. Nothing can go wrong if you trust your heart. Everything is as it should be, without the need to change anything. Since all manifestations of life are sacred, then sex is, too.

When intimacy taps into the heart’s essence, there are no limits other than those you feel to set for yourself. There is no judgement and no fear. All relationships and interactions become mindful and respectful.

intimacy is part of our life

In such a context, sexuality is not something to condemn or restrain. Sex is a powerful way to express love for yourself and another person and also to celebrate existence. It is part of our life, just like eating, sleeping, laughing, socialising are.

To honour it means to celebrate life with the awareness of not becoming attached to pleasure – otherwise, it’s just another trap for our ego. Under these premises, sex becomes a meditation, connection, presence. It’s not a goal but a blissful journey to explore and enjoy.

9 Best Tantra Workshops in Thailand

All of Samma Karuna’s Tantra workshops focus on Tantra from the heart. That is to say, first find this connection with yourself and secondly, expand this connection with others, with all living beings and all things in nature.

We always approach these topics from our heart, to help you cultivate this presence, this connection. No nudity is involved in our Tantra courses, no sexual intercourse will ever take place during a Tantra workshop here, not even in Tantra workshops for couples.

establish meaningful connections

Everyone is encouraged to listen to their conscience and set up their own boundaries during the activities, however, we ensure you that we will leave sex out of these premises. This is not our goal. We aim at creating a safe space for everyone to open up, explore, connect.

Our teachers are experienced in holding space and emotionally supporting students in all the steps of the Tantra training. We present here an overview of all Tantra courses, seminars and workshops that regularly take place at Samma Karuna.

Read on and find yours!

1. Healing The Roots

This course is not strictly related to Tantra but is the essential basis upon which you can build solid and healthy relationships. It is strongly recommended to anyone approaching Tantra for the first time and to all those who feel they have some unresolved issue with their parents (so, nearly everyone!).

It is staggering to notice how many behaviours, reactions and patterns that we unconsciously reproduce in our relationships and intimacy are influenced by the education we received and the relationship with our parents.

This workshop hinges upon family constellations as a therapeutic approach designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics in a family or relationship in order to address any stressors impacting these relationships and heal them.

Who we are today, how we relate to each other, how we experience trust and self-esteem greatly depends on the first experiences we took in as babies, toddlers, kids and even further up during our growth.

a health relationship with your parents

We might have experienced some kind of conflict, pressure, fear, frustration. We often reproduce the behavioural patterns we have seen in our parents or rather react to them going to the opposite end (which still makes our choices not free).

Even when we think we reached the long-sought independence from them, we still carry their presence with us throughout our lives, for better or worse. What’s unresolved with your parents doesn’t automatically disappear, instead, it shows up unconsciously in our relationships.

When these fundamental ties are damaged, we experience lack of love, judgment, attachment, rejection or resentment; we generate codependency relationships, repeat harmful patterns, or isolate ourselves.

In order to truly break free, open up to love and develop our full potential, we need to heal our roots. An experienced facilitator will use family constellations and other practices to help us release this burden and eventually flourish in life and love. The course lasts 3 days.

2. Tantra Of The Heart

This 3-day workshop is aimed at those who are just beginning their journey into Tantra. It is an introduction to Tantra principles and how to integrate them in our daily life. This workshop will be 20% theory and 80% practice.

You will learn the basic techniques and meditations to connect to your heart and your partner’s. This will include exercises to establish this connection (such as looking into each other’s eyes, hugging, setting boundaries, etc.).

introduction to tantra

The facilitator has many years of experience in leading Tantra workshops. He will create a safe space which is very beneficial to open up and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Getting rid of our defence mechanisms and removing this armour that we are used to wearing in society will help us go straight to the essence of our heart. As a result, the quality of your life and intimate relationships will be greatly enhanced.

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3. Tantra: Presence, Vulnerability & Meditation

With this 3-day course, you will tap into your emotional conscience to improve intimacy and relationships. Through direct experience rather than theory, you will practise Tantra, the path of Love and Acceptance. As a result, you will grasp the divine nature within you.

cultivate self love

You will find out that vulnerability is not a weakness but a strength through which we honour our self-love and the power that exists within us. The exercises will help you drop into presence and as you feel connected to yourself you can relate to your partner from your heart.

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4. Mindfulness In Intimacy 1 (Emotional Awareness And Self Love)

This course is designed to help you build a healthy relationship with yourself and others through attaining emotional awareness and responsibility. The first step is to understand and acknowledge your emotional world.

Then you will learn how to deal with it in a healthy way instead of reacting to it. Once you are able to embrace all the array of emotions swirling inside of you and generate self-love, then you can have a healthy relationship with others too.

take responsibility for your emotions

As you become intimate with yourself and start understanding, accepting and loving all of your bright and dark sides, then the quality of intimacy you have with your partner will be greatly enhanced. You can eventually live in love and share it with others rather than depending on them emotionally.

Once you are emotionally responsible and independent, you can stop getting into relationships with the hope that the other person will fill this void you feel inside. Your relationship is then balanced, not needy.

An experienced facilitator with a solid background in Tantra, relationship healing and Vipassana meditation will integrate lectures with demonstrations, self-discovery and introspection exercises, emotional release practices, guided meditations, family constellations and group dynamics.

All activities are specially conceived to offer the participants specific resources in order to build up trust and to get to know themselves better. The duration of the workshop is 3 days.

be kind to yourself

Subjects we will explore during the course:

  • – How to manage your emotional world
  • – Bringing awareness to the armour that keeps you from opening your heart and learning how to let it go
  • – Living from your essence rather than from your emotional armour
  • – How to deal with disturbing emotions
  • – Discovering resources to heal emotional wounds and insecurities that get activated in intimacy and sabotage trust and love
  • – How to deal with the feeling of rejection in order to grow, enrich yourself and not repeat painful patterns
  • – The fine art of opening up, dropping masks and armour and opening your heart
  • – Resources to approach wounds, insecurities, fears, and blocks that get triggered in relationships
  • – Although I know that I am a valuable person, why do I still feel deep inside that I’m not good enough or worthy?
  • – What is the shame and devaluation wound and how to address it?
  • – Dealing with the shock wound. Understanding why pressure and self-demand do not help to overcome your fears and blocks that have their source in the nervous system
  • – Recognise when the search for love is a way to cover up emotional voids or insecurities
  • – Expanding presence and meditation in your daily life
  • – Create more trust, love, and intimacy in your life

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5. Mindfulness In Intimacy 2 (Intimacy And Relationships)

We all long for love, connection and intimacy, both within ourselves and with others. We get into relationships with our best intentions, we hope they will be fulfilling, truthful and nourishing. However, as the relationship grows more mature, we are eventually faced with our fears, needs, insecurities and emotional wounds.

We cannot escape from them until we heal them. In this course, we will discover ways to move beyond our emotional blockages and find in relationships the nourishment that we all crave and deserve.

Mixing theoretical lectures and practical exercises, the facilitator will guide you in a 3-day journey to understand the patterns that guide our choices and reactions in relationships and help you move forward.

After studying in world-renowned Tantra and self-development centres, he has built a solid program comprising various Tantra workshops which Samma Karuna is proud to host. This first part of Mindfulness in Intimacy is not a prerequisite to taking this course as the subjects covered are independent and the order is not important.

intimacy from the heart

Subjects we will explore during the course:

  • – Bringing awareness and healing to detrimental patterns and dynamics in relationships
  • – Identify emotional unconscious contracts that stop our growth and sabotage the relationship
  • – Relationship: From a war game to a Love game
  • – Lies and truths on Love in an intimate relationship
  • – Learning to drop pretences and meeting authenticity
  • – Nourishing sexuality in an intimate relationship while deepening intimacy and connection
  • – Recognizing how sex is often used to compensate, avoid vulnerability and close our hearts
  • – Discovering the adventure of conscious sex and intimacy: Presence, passion, vulnerability, and relaxation
  • – Building up relaxation and trust in yourself and with life
  • – Using meditation as a path to go beyond masks, roles, and patterns that stop you from discovering your true essence and your capacity to love and to be loved

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6. Valentines Day Tantra Special

We believe any day of the year is a good one to celebrate love. In this materialistic world of ours, where everything is consumed quickly, we would like to send out a mindful signal during this day, offering a workshop that honours our heart rather than some chocolate makers in Switzerland.

a conscious alternative to Valentine's day

Join us in this day alone or with your partner for a journey into love, discovering the divine essence that lies in all of us. A little theory and a lot of exercises and techniques to help you transcend life and attain what we all crave for: love.

7. Tantra Of Liberation

Just like Yoga, Tantra is a path of Liberation; a path to become creators in harmony with existence. While the first is traditionally considered to be based on the Masculine energy and focuses on transcending the lower emotions, Tantra is known as the feminine path.

Instead of withdrawing from our senses, Tantra celebrates them, surrenders to what is and allows all emotions to manifest, both positive and negative. We touch, feel and live as conscious creators.

Intimacy and love are important parts of life. Instead of suppressing them, Tantra uses them as a gateway to help us connect to our divine nature, to grasp the subtle energy body and eventually experience ecstasy and empowerment.

Once our life force is awakened, we can express our full potential, liberating ourselves from the constraints of our mind and dropping into our heart.

tantra is a gateway to liberation

During this journey, you will explore self-love, awakening and a deeper intimacy with your heart. The first step is to open up our energy channels, rewiring the mind and bringing light to limiting emotions. You will learn to be present and fully sink into our senses.

You will train your heart to remain open while you experience difficult emotions. The facilitators are experienced in Traditional Tantra and Tao Tantric Arts, as well as psychology, traditional Chinese medicine and Breathwork. Suitable for singles and couples.

The course hinges upon 5 pillars which will be explored throughout 5 days: Boundaries and communication (Taking full care and responsibility allows us to dive into oneness), Tantric tools (How to open the emotional body and circulate energy), Yogic tools (To experience Awareness and Wholeness), Shamanic tools (Connecting to our deeper instincts, going back to our essence), Releasing techniques (Learning how to clear our channels of stagnant energy).

open up your heart

Subjects covered during the course:

  • – Deepening “Presence Consciousness”
  • – Sensing “Spaces and Energies”
  • – Conscious Communication
  • – Voicing Desires, Fear and Needs
  • – Conscious Dance
  • – Tantric Heart Meditation
  • – Tantric Relational Meditation
  • – Sacred Touch
  • – Sacred Rituals
  • – Brotherhood and Sisterhood Practices
  • – Kriya Yoga
  • – Pranayama
  • – Chanting
  • – Shamanic Healing Circles
  • – Shamanic Breath-Work
  • – Shadow Work
  • – Emotional Release Tools
  • – Tantric Breath-work
  • – Forgiveness Circles
  • – Pelvis Activation

8. Embodying The Goddess

A 3-day workshop dedicated to the blissful feminine energy that inspires Tantra, to all the Shaktis that bring their gentle vibes to this world. Tantra Sacred Dance is a profoundly transformative and sensual dance meditation.

unleash your feminine energy

It expands and refines your capacity for receptivity and attunes you to the energy flow of Existence. The Dance unites your body, heart and soul. Move your body freely as you tap into the divine nature of feminine energy. Bloom into the goddess that’s inside of you.

9. Tantra And Sacred Dance Goddess Training

A workshop dedicated to celebrating the sacred feminine energy through dance, Tantric practices and meditations. During this training, you will unleash the goddess within you and eventually fall in love with yourself and life, with your sisters and partners.

By honouring your body as a sacred temple, you will find an inner balance which will ripple out on all other aspects of life. Deeper intimacy and communion with yourself will result in improved relationships too.

Specific Tantric techniques will help you open up your body and soul and expand your capacity to embody the Divine Feminine. Some ancient methods from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra will provide you with the tools to cultivate self-love.

You will both learn solo practices and techniques to use with your partner to create a magic and sacred atmosphere. This is a transformational journey into the path of ecstasy and love. The Dance unites your body, heart and soul, awakening your inner Goddess.

dance becomes a meditation

Tantric Sacred dance finds its roots in the ancient temples of the East and is being recently rediscovered as a sensual moving meditation. Dancing draws from the depths of your being: it is not a performance but a revelation of your essence, your divine nature.

It expands and refines your capacity for receptivity and attunes you to the divine energy flow of existence. The facilitator has been teaching Tantra since the 1990s, after studying and living with Osho in India.

Tantra Teacher Training And Tantra Intensive

If, after taking some workshops, you have fallen in love with the philosophy of Tantra and have become familiar with the techniques, then you might want to take the next step and Become a certified Tantra Teacher.

Far from being dogmatic teaching, Samma Karuna’s 4-week Tantra Teacher Training allows you to explore the seven most important Tantric traditions in a uniquely comprehensive program.

The course focuses on Tantra from the heart and is deeply experiential, meaning you will learn many practices, meditations, activities you can reproduce in your classes.

You will learn how to support your students and create a safe space for them to open up and allow themselves to be vulnerable. A free teaching internship at the school is offered to all graduates and is recommended to help you break the ice and start practising right away.

become a certified tantra teacher

Subjects covered during the course:

  • – Mindfulness in Intimacy
  • – Energy Body Structure
  • – Tantric Lineages and Sutras
  • – Tao Bodywork
  • – BioDevelopment Practice
  • – Mantras and Yantras
  • – Sublimation and Transmutation of Energy (Tao and Tantra)
  • – A Wide Variety of Meditation Practices
  • – Sexual Education and Physiology of the Body (Tao Tantra)
  • – Tantra and Self Development
  • – Touch and Awareness
  • – Tantra and Devotion
  • – Path of Innocence and Path of Knowledge
  • – Solo and Couples Pranayama
  • – Sexual Control for Men and Women
  • – Tantra and Trance States
  • – The Art of Teaching
  • – How to Structure a Class
  • – Tantra and Business
  • – Tantra and Nutrition

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Tantra Workshops For Couples

Although most of the workshops offered at Samma Karuna can be attended both alone or in a couple (except for Embodying the goddess and Sacred Dance Goddess Training, both reserved for women), we believe some can really maximise their potential when you come with your partner.

Sometimes you might indeed experience a very deep and intense connection with someone you have just met, however, the intensity of the bond you have with your regular partner make the following workshops specially indicated for couples.

We stress once more that none of our workshops involves nudity, sex or inappropriate touches. The techniques related to sexuality that are taught during some of the courses are not to be practised in the school but are left to your private intimate life.

Our teachers are experienced in holding a safe space for everybody, in which you feel comfortable. Some teachers offer, separately, individual sessions for couples who are looking for deeper insights on emotional awareness, intimacy or Tantra practices.

join a tantra workshop with your partner

Being focused on Intimacy and Relationships, Mindfulness in Intimacy 2 is a perfect playground for couples. As the saying goes, all chickens have to come home to roost! You cannot hide here and there is no need to. You will soon realise that opening up with your partner will help you fix issues that might have been unresolved for long.

The heart cannot lie. When you connect to it, the quality of your relationship will be greatly enhanced and intimacy just becomes magic. You leave all pretences, armours, power games and eventually, you meet authenticity.

Tantra of Liberation also provides an excellent set of tools you can use to improve your relationship. The exercises taught in the course are great when practised alone but will unleash all their potential when you do them with your partner.

Learn all the secrets of sacred touch and love rituals, integrate shamanic tools and breathwork, make the atmosphere magic and eventually get out of your mind and simply drop into love.

vulnerability becomes a strength

Another workshop that deserves a mention in this section is (obviously) Samma Karuna’s Valentine’s day Tantra special, a great option to spend this day with your partner in a less “commercial” way.


Whether you are moving your first steps into the magic world of Tantra or you are an advanced practitioner, Samma Karuna offers a wide array of Tantra courses and workshops, including a Tantra Teacher Training course.

If you are looking to attend a Tantra workshop in Thailand and are longing for a tropical destination on the stunning island of Koh Phangan, we are sure you can find a course that suits you.

celebrate life and the senses

Based on Tantra from the heart, all our activities will help you find the connection to your divine essence, leave your monkey mind behind and truly drop into love.

Enhancing your emotional awareness, taking responsibility for your own happiness and sadness, embracing all of our bright and dark sides… it all leads us to love reality as it is, to celebrate life and existence through our senses and to experience intimacy at a whole different level.

begin a transformational journey

Although all courses can be attended alone, Samma Karuna also offers specific Tantra workshops for couples who are looking to improve the quality of their relationship, quit harmful repetitive patterns and just relate to each other from the heart, without wearing a mask.

You will find out that vulnerability is a virtue that connects you to your essence rather than raising a wall made of ego and defence mechanisms. Your heart knows the way to freedom. Tantra helps you walk that path, in communion with existence. Start this magical journey!


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