How to Prepare for the Juice and Smoothies Cleansing Program in Thailand

juice and smoothies cleansing program

The Juice & Smoothies Cleansing Program in Thailand is designed for deep cleansing of the body system of toxins and free radicals. The program focuses on a multi-day juice detoxification program followed by a customized raw food plan. In addition to the dietary part of the program, physical exercise, herbal massage, Thai massage, and reflexology, are also incorporated into the program based on the need of an individual. When preparing for the Juice Detox in Thailand program, there are some basic things you need to do to have a very effective and rewarding experience. Below are the top tips on how to prepare for your Detox program.

Pre-Fasting Preparation

Pre-fasting is necessary to prepare the body for the deep Detox and cleansing you will go through during your Juice & Smoothies Cleansing Program in Thailand. When you pre-fast, your body will be propelled to move from its acidic position to the needed alkalinity for cleansing. It will also help to boost the storage of electrolytes in your body which is needed to strengthen your body for the job to come. The pre-fast will also help to prepare your body for fast elimination of toxins and minimize the effects of fatigue, dizziness, and headaches because your body would have been eased into the Detox process already.

How you feel during your pre-fast largely depends on your toxin level and personal lifestyle. At the point of pre-fasting, you may experience some headaches and nausea, especially if you have an unhealthy eating habit. However, if you have always eaten well, you may feel more focused, full of energy, and very refreshed. Whatever the situation you find yourself, it is recommended that you eat lots of organic and fresh local vegetable and vegetable juices. Your vegetable should either be eaten raw or lightly steamed. Take a lot of healthy fat like coconut water, avocados, and also olive oil, flaxseeds and its oil, hemp seeds and its oil, seeds, soaked nuts, and if possible, eggs and raw butter.

Except you’re a vegetarian, you might also include a medium portion of chicken and wild fish in your menu. You should also take a little number of organic fruits such as citrus, kiwi, or berries.

Types of food to avoid during your Juice & Smoothies Cleansing Program in Thailand

When going through your Detox program, it is extremely important that you avoid eating processed foods, sugar, trans-fats, alcohol, red meat, recreational drugs, processed flour products such as pasta and bread, black tea, coffee, and commercial milk.

Juice Detox in Thailand at Samma Karuna

Samma Karuna offers a comprehensive Juice Detox in Thailand for anyone interested in taking charge of their health and life. No doubt, there are amazing benefits that come with the program and the perfect place to take the full advantage of all the benefits is at Samma Karuna. Samma Karuna is an International School of Awakening and Healing, and Yoga Retreat Centre in Thailand. Over and beyond the Detox program, the center also offers Yoga Teacher Training and Awakening & Healing.


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